Tuesday 26 June 2012

Cheap Quick Terrain: Brigade Models 6mm Sci Fi Buildings

I am always on the lookout for cheap terrain, and this is my latest find - from Brigade:

The larger buildings looked quite impressive

 Most of the buildings are in this shot
Quick to Paint
It took only 5 minutes to coat them with my trusty Bunnings spraypaint; a undercoat of Mocha and  Warm Ocre lightly sprayed over the top. Then to pick out a few details - easy as the designs are simple - total painting time 40 minutes.  I can't find my invoice, but from memory the total buildings cost around $40 delivered. The resin was rather rough and did soak up the paint.

The buildings are simple and have only modest detail
The buildings are around $1.50 each - a "town" pack costs around $20. The postage (often a killer) is very decent compared to other terrain suppliers - in fact if you are outside the UK, when the VAT tax is removed, it pretty much covers the postage.

The helipad seems more suited to my 1:600 (3mm) helos than the advertised 1:300 (6mm)

What's New
They have a new outbuildings pack, medium house, science lab and workshop which have just been released - and I will definitely be going back to get more.

 I need a science lab for the alien experiments to escape from...

Simple and affordable. Some might not like the minimalist detail, but they are easy to paint and have no prep required. The resin is a little grainy. They are on the small side - photographed with my 3mm (1:600) helos they seem more in scale with them than the 6mm (1:300) they are designed for.

Recommended: Yes. They'll be handy for mech games and it is pleasant not to have a terrain manufacturer rip you off for postage. Near future/sci fi middle eastern terrain is a versatile choice and can encompass a range of genres. I'm ordering more soon.

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