Wednesday 2 March 2022

LoTR:SBG - Easterlings, Ringwraiths, Army of the Dead

My 1000-page journey with my daughter through the LoTR books is at an end, and likewise my LOTR painting run is drawing to a close.

This month my work ramped up again, and I only managed to paint these 31 models, giving me a total of 289 painted in two months of 2022 - mostly due to being flooded in. It's currently another huge flood where I live, and Day #5 stranded, without coffee. Yep let that sink in.

I've now done the bulk of my Middle Earth forces. Now it's just 'tidying up' random models. My aim was to have 50-60+ strong warbands for each main LoTR faction and this has been largely achieved. 

The army of the dead were most interesting to paint.  I painted them roughly in brown base colours, then went over the top in grey then white drybrushes, with the odd wash in between. 

You can see the leather and armour peaking through, which I based on this picture. They aren't pure greeny-white which is the most common paint style. I found the success confidence boosting and I may attempt some glow and fire effects based on what I learned. I was surprised how fast and easy it was.

I only have 7 ringwraiths - remember I ordered random job lots from eBay - which I painted rather boldly rather than drybushing to make them 'pop' more from a distance. Two had broken weapons and were customised out of my bitz box.

The Easterlings with their pleasingly uniform paint scheme was another 'low hanging fruit' to chalk up a few more minis before the month ended. They could probably do with more highlighting but I'm on a schedule. 

The only  'must do' LoTR remaining is some 12-16 Rohirrim on horseback and some 5-6 random heroes; the rest is just me trying to trim down spare plastics - i.e. I have only painted 40 or so Mordor orcs I needed, but there is still 100 or so of them in a box, staring accusingly at me. 

Now it's all ready to play - naaah - time to switch to a new project! Imperialis Aeronautica is looking increasingly good - I just found a random Thunderbolt model in one of my 'bulk buy' LoTR boxes and I really like it. It must be a sign!

But.... daughter and I are now reading Mortal Engines. Perhaps its time for some mega tanks and humongous landships....


  1. 1) I love your approach to the army of the dead - they looked great in the movie but I've never been impressed with how that translated to the tabletop. Your approach looks amazing!

    2) Mortal engines is such a great book, the second one is pretty good, too. My dad and I always talked about wargaming it - airship combat plus massive land ships.

    1. I'm actually pretty pleased how the dead turned out. All the guides just had grey-white-green.

      I had no idea how it would end up - doing strong reds and browns underneath the usual white-grey drybrush - but it seems to line up better with the movies as they certainly aren't just greeny-white.

      I haven't read the second Mortal Engines book as I was holding off to see if my daughter likes it. As she loves it, I'll probably go a box set as I love box sets in my man cave...

  2. Did you know that there's a Mortal Engines movie? Maybe you would enjoy that.

    1. Yep - I saw it a while back. Enjoyed it. I showed my daughter the trailer as she was unable to visualise the city (the opening "London was chasing another city across the plain" was a great 'hook' and a wtf moment for her!)

  3. Really like how the Army of the Dead look. I might steal that for my undead army. I've managed not to buy any Easterlings but man I like how they look.

    1. Easterlings are easy to paint and look brilliant. Mine are meh as I haven't done a final highlight and (being flooded in) am using the dregs of an old Privateer gold pot.

      Have a google around for some nicely painted ones - you won't be able to resist!

      ...LoTR is also way more affordable than the usual 40K stuff. (I'm helping you rationalize this!)

  4. Hi! could you please take a look to Warsurge at
    It seems interesting but... I would like to know what you think about it.. ciao mister!

    1. It's interesting in the sense it uses an app and seems to have a professional looking layout (also, Aussie ftw?), but not terribly exciting in that it is just one of the 101 'rebadged 40K' clones.

      If you want a free 40K-a-like with its own unit designer, app etc, go for it. I'm confident it would work fine as it recycles 100% familiar mechanisms.