Sunday 19 February 2023

Painting Progress + Tank Game

 This is the latest painting progress - a bit of a diverse haul.

I now have a decent force of ~12 each French Indian Dino War 'faction' - enough for a Middleheim warband to test homebrew rules. (Although I am going to use the LoTR pirate spinoff, Legends of the High Seas, when playing with my kids - to keep them using a familiar system). 

 Speaking of LoTR, also did another 6 Rohirrim, making my 2023 LoTR total 37. I continue to chip away at a huge job lot of LoTR I bought probably a decade ago. I'm kinda proud of myself; as for years it sat as a task that was 'too big' to begin. I reckon I have ~500-600 painted over the last two years. 

Put with the 2022 models, they can do a semi-decent cavalry charge... lead by one of my 3 Eomers of whom I got extras randomly. (I presume he was a popular model back in 2010...)

French Indian Dinosaur War seems to be a new steady project. I have about 48 regular troops to go and some villagers (Perry/Warlord). Besides Indians,

Rogers Rangers and French Marines make up the other factions.

I've also found some frontiersmen who will be generic heroes, with their dino-slaying prowess.

Once I have painted the remaining 48 regular troops, I may treat myself to a box of plastic Colonial Militia to round off my last faction... although Warlord does have some rather sweet zombie indians...

I've also started making my 15mm tank collection table-ready. At the moment, just a bit of an undercoat and dry-brush/stipple. I'm not sure how far down the realism/detail rabbit hole I'm going to go - a set of decals can cost as much as 3 tanks! so at the moment I am going to leave them as is, until I make up my mind, and then add details and highlights. My aim is to do 8-10 a week, getting them to the 'kinda Ok but awaiting details' standard. I maaaay have ordered 12 Soviet tanks so I might be under a bit of pressure to get these 'squared away' first...

I kinda want to play "Mordhiem with tanks" and I know there is What a Panzer but I'm kinda not interested in it as while I like the ideas and intent in TFL rules, I always feel like I paid for a jumble of random house rules and seldom play them. For that matter the pdf is overpriced - 18 pounds is ~$32 'dollarbucks*' for a frickin digital download**! Also, while I appreciate 'friction,' the command dice seem a bit 'lucky.'

(*Australian money, thanks Bluey)

(**But not the craziest one; I recently realised my $45AUD pdf(!!!) KillWager rules did not come with any weapon or troop profiles - you needed to purchase another 'DLC' pdf to actually play the game)

I usually base tanky stuff off Fistful of Tows (basically more streamlined, elegant FoW for microarmour) but this time I am working on my own rules: basically a SoBH-ish roll a handful of activation dice to beat a crew level (2-3 dice, +1 if commander has no extra jobs) and each pass allows the commander to issue commands (acquire target/slew turret, fire, change speeds, turn, back up, etc).

Tanks have 3 speeds; 'adjusting/low gear' aka going hull down, backing up/sidescraping, 'normal' usual low speed, and 'top gear' - can't fire but can move quickly. 

Tanks have front and side+rear armour, and hit can either knock out or have a damage effect; crew (injuries/death; reduce action dice), gun (jam mantle etc; impact shooting), or mobility (tracks/engine, impact speed).

I'm going to have it where damage has a temporary 'serious' effect - i.e. immobilising the tank; and then if it passes a crew check it may revert to minor effect (i.e. can move again, but half speed). A failed roll or a second damage to the same spot means the serious effect is permanent. This will be denoted by placing a token on top of/under the tank.

I'm trying to think of other tank games I could look at for ideas. I own and reject FoW/Bolt Action, the Battlegroup games are too pricey to test (and, I suspect, aimed at infantry). I recall, but don't own, games called Jadgpanzer, Meine Panzer and Schwere Kompanie but I suspect they will be pricey or 1990s design...  I think I recall some free game called Panzer War... (yup, just checked it's still a thing, but also quite 1990s) and I may have some WRG rules (which are probably a collector's item nowdays) which are probably all-but unplayable unless you have 5 hours to spare.

My daughter happened to see Girls Und Panzer last week. I've gritted my teeth and watched a few episodes with her (the tank battles can be cool; it's just the rest is very cringey; hopefully inspiring an interest in tanks is worth it) so I suspect an order for a pink M3 Lee paint job or a Stug with flags is pending...


  1. Probably simpler than you are looking for, but I've had a number of enjoyable solo games, as well as games with my son, playing Panzer Kids Deluxe (available on Wargame Vault) . There is a pay-what-you-want version called Panzer Kids Basic, which includes just the basic rules (as you'd expect from the name) and data cards for a handful of common tanks.

    1. I'll probably end up making my own rules.

      I've just to to make it so you can easily handle 4-12 tanks or so, but they are individually interesting. I kinda want Tank Mordhiem/Necromunda, where ace crews have special skills etc.

      I'll probably gameify things a bit so say a Pz38 has a chance against a Tiger, kinda nerfing the best late war tanks and buffing early war ones so they can share a playing field...

  2. It feels good to slowly conquer the lead mountain!

    1. LoTR is actually a major achievement as I started with ~600 and probably have only ~50-60 left...