Sunday, 9 April 2023

Tankhiem - Detection & Combat (+ Spaceships)

Well, I've settled on Activation C (with some tweaks); and now I'm working on detection and combat.  Since it's only ~12 units max, and usually 4-8 per side, I'm allowing myself the same level of 'mental load' and modifiers as an average skirmish game.


Units start with a set 'autodetect' distance. This is ~24"for a tank, 18"for SPG, 12" infantry. This can be modified by +6"(target firing small arms or moving) or 12"(firing a big gun or double move), and halved if in cover. Units beyond this range (or out of the narrow 90d frontal arc = tanks have poor vision) must be 'acquired' by the commander by spending an action to co ordinate with the gunner. (It's kinda like a lock on and includes traversing the turret) Units with superior optics can spend an action "unbutton" instead of moving to get +12" bonus range. The maximum possible acquisition range is x2 the autodetect distance. 

Yes the village is too crowded for tank warfare, but my wife can't resist re-arranging my tables....  My son was gobsmacked to discover I had a sand table hidden under a sheet of MDF... "An indoor sandpit Dad!"


A d10 is nice and simple math-wise; say 6" 80%, 12"70%, 24" 50%, 25"+ 30% (each 12"= ~500m). 

The damage and hit location dice will be d6 of different colours. So I can toss them all together. Something like:

Damage dice (Red D6) - compare gun pen to armour

+3 gun = 2 damage, 3,4,5,6 kill

+2 gun = 2,3 damage, 4,5,6 kill

+1 gun = 3,4 damage 5,6 kill

equal = 4,5 damage 6 kill

+1 armor = 5, 6 damage

+2 armour = 6 damage

(gun pen is for 12-24"; closer range is +1 pen, 25"+ is -1 pen)

Hit Location dice (Black D6)

1, 2 = mobility. 1st hit = immobile till repair roll, 1/2 speed. 2nd hit = permanent immobile, fire

3 = something explosive. 1st hit = fire, chance to boom. 2nd hit = boom!

4 = main gun. 1st hit = no shooting til repaired. 2nd hit = gun permanent knocked out

5,6 = crew hit. 1st hit = no actions till crew check. Penalty to activation. 2nd hit = all dead

+1 to roll if front on, -1 if rear on (presuming crew compartment front/engine rear)

There will also be 'bail out' rolls - often crew will jump out (or even be forced out to repair?). Maybe a crew check to remain in a damaged tank. A crew once bailed out, must pass a crew check to re-board, if it fails it the tank is abandoned.

I think also there will be a 'shock' token that kinda acts like suppression - a -2 modifier to rolls etc and takes an action to remove.

I actually am far more casual about mechanics than I am about activation. I think the above is sorta the level of detail I am after - a bit like Mordhiem with downed/dead models, mixed with hit locations like Battletech. The aim is to make it cinematic. 

The PzIII's 5-pen 50mm struggled against the KV-1's 8 armour. At armour +2 or more, only a '6' damages it. The KV-1 might bounce 5-6 rounds frontally without any damage. But a side shot faces only equal 5 armour. A sneaky flanking PzIII rolls 4 to pen and a '5' location - shrapnel sprays into the crew compartment. The KV-1 cannot respond (skips turn, crew busy checking injuries). The crew roll to see if they remain in the tank; but as the KV-1 has the Steel Wall trait they have confidence in their vehicle and can re-roll a failure and remain in the tank. the KV crew then rolls to recover in the move phase, but fails the roll. The PzIII pumps 2 more rounds into it - bouncing with a '2' and scoring another damage with a '4' - jamming the turret ring and knocking out the main gun. The KV-1 will hope its crew can recover and it can back out of there...

This is my 2nd Buzz Lightyear toy (this was $25AUD from K-Mart)

I didn't disable the light and noise - this big boy still thinks it's cool...

The EM4 starships (~$10 for 12) must be my most used minis; they serve as fighter subs, conventional starfighters and space PT-boats...

Tank Traits

These add flavour to the tank. "2 man turret" - overworked commander is -2 to shooting activation rolls; "flammable" means mobility hits can cause fire. "Slow turret" is -2 to acquisition rolls outside the front 90d. A radio allows you to pass on acquisitions (locks) with friendlies and is a +1 activation if in visual of friendlies (increased awareness). Neutral steering allows 2 90d pivot actions to spin 180d in a turn instead of the usual 1. Slow reverse means tanks move half speed in reverse. Etc etc.

Some traits can be upgrades - camo nets, smoke launchers, home made armour and radios can be fitted to most tanks and many guns can take special ammo.

Crew Traits (Campaign)

These are like RPG and can be levelled up.  The crew themself have a level that corresponds to their crew check roll i.e. 50% green, 60% experienced, 70% veteran... but you might have a crack gunner who might specialise in snap shots or sniping, or a driver that can thread effortlessly through obstacles...

Wear & Tear & Supplies (Campaign)

Like injuries in Mordhiem, damage can have a permanent effect; -1"speed for engine hits, -1 permanently weakened armour in a particular arc, a -1 to hit for a gun knocked out of alignment....

In the campaign, tanks need supplies - a catch all for ammo, fuel and parts to repair.  I'll probably track this in game by sliding a counter for each team down a 1m ruler. (It's tracked by team, as individual tanks do things to increase wear-and-tear like sprint, fire maximum RoF/in 2 consecutive turns, and quite a lot are required for after-game repairs (I've been playing a bit of PC Mechwarrior 5...)

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