Saturday 23 September 2023

LoTR Fiefdoms (3D Print), Quick Painting Methods & Random Projects


Work has been hectic, leaving little creative energy, but holidays have seen hobby activity resumed. First up was a fiefdoms 3D print which is pretty much a whole army. Combined, they all cost less than a metal set of swan knights on ebay - which was the only fiefdoms unit I possessed until now....

These Dol Amroth pike are Medbury (go Aussies) I believe. 

My men of Arnor eschewed the emerald-green scheme from GW as green is not a traditional colour of the kings of the West. I probably could have used Perry Agincourt French instead (and got stronger plastics). Brittle resin weapons breaking off are a major issue when you play with an 8 year old.


Kettle hats are not my first thought for gaming Tolkien's world, but these guys stand in for axemen of Lossenarch when the official minis (while nicer) would cost me $128AUD for a dozen. These cost me $18AUD. With these 53 models painted, my 2023 LoTR tally goes past my 2022 record (335) to a new total of 384. And the year ain't over yet...

These clansmen of Lamedon are also Medbury I believe. They also showcase my 'gaming quality' quick painting style. Basically, I avoid any details that don't show up at tabletop ranges. I.e. you can see I've edged the kilts with a colour to give the 'feel' of tartan, but not actually done the tartan pattern. Cos as a middle age dad you don't actually see the tartan on a 28mm mini unless you hold it really close. I aim for ~12 minis in 2 hours or less. 


X-Prep with sand and PVA on base. Undercoat with cheap black spraypaint. 

X-For the base, dark brown craft paint then drybrush a lighter paint like Baneblade Brown.

1-Basecoat, putting them down in the order so I can 'correct' mistakes with the next coat

2-Wash (Nuln, Reikland, Agrax Earthshade all get a workout)

3-Correct mistakes, highlights as needed. Edge the base with black.

4-Any cheap scatter like flock grass in this case so it looks like I made a mild effort.

My son's favourite mini is quite 'cheeky.'
Blog regulars know I energetically 'op shop' (secondhand charity stores) seeking castles like the ones pictured. When I picked up a second Hogwarts for $3, I also picked up a picture frame for $1, sprayed it back and used it to frame a map. Anyone recognize it without zooming in?
I thought it made a stylish addition to the man cave...

As you now need 101 streaming services to get a reasonable choice of shows, I've cancelled Amazon/Disney/Stan/Netflix etc and have been collecting 20c DVDs from the local dump (they're a princely $1 to $2 from the charity shops). Besides building an impressive library (don't worry - I have 7 bays worth of sheds) this allows me to 'curate' movies for my kids. Ironically, old war movies and westerns ("violent" movies of their era) are often more PG than current Disney offerings. 
Just watched "Northwest Frontier" "Guns of Navarone" and "Lawrence of Arabia" (the latter inspired a 15mm project). I've got "Waterloo" and "The Bridge at Remajen" awaiting me to do a quick 'suitability check'.  I know less about westerns - any old farts mature readers have any suggestions?  (The "Fistful of Dollars" trilogy is about all I remember as my dad avoided watching them with me, having overdosed on them as a kid*). (*Random semi-related story: Speaking of overdose, none of my family eat lamb, as during WW2 my grandpop was so sick of the tinned stuff he refused to have it in his house thereafter. My dad never ate it, and thus neither did I. Generations on, lamb has never been served in our house....)

Shower thought: Will superhero movies be similar in 20+ years? I.e. oversaturated in one generation, a forgotten genre in the next?
In the park this morning I came across some Nordenfeldt guns. They were mounted on patrol launches back when we thought Russia might invade Australia...  From what I understand they are fed from hoppers from the top, and are kind of semi auto (you crank a lever to fire). Well, that's what I told my kid...

Well my daughter is painting her Necromunda 'girls' and my son has asked me to help with his Star Wars Legion minis.  Unfortunately for them the rule is 'you can't have more til you paint the ones you've got'. Given my own lead mountain this seems a touch hypocritical but I have lived this for the last 3 years or so and it has forced me to be amazingly productive painting-wise. My son is also nagging me to do some WW1 Arabs and Ottomans for a desert board and 15mm is usually pretty breezy to paint.
Don't tell the wife, but I maaay have more LoTR 3D prints en route.... (one of the more popular companies supplying Middle Earth STLs is 'fixing' prices to the level it kinda defeats the purpose of 3D printing, so this is probably my last order, sadly.)
Imperialis Aeronautica and Dropfleet Commander painting continue to be sidelined as I can never make up my mind what configuration to glue the ships in. Since the former is discontinued I may not bother and just sell the box, as I thought the new rules were a step backward from the old ones and I don't feel like paying even more inflated prices. Guess I just missed the boat. Speaking of old school, I notice Battlefleet Gothic has a thriving 3D print scene. Hmmm - maybe a new project...  Although my recent looks at Necromunda, Mordhiem and Blood Bowl were not positive. Just so clunky and dated.

I plan to playtest more of my Panzermunda/Tankhiem homebrew tank skirmish rules (which work fine and I'm reasonably content with) as well as my modern jet rules (which I'll probably never be content with) as well as revive one of my old 'simplified Infinity' rules for my son to use with my 1980s Cold War vs aliens (not sure if I've posted up the minis?). Coming in a full circle, I may even try to 'make a better 40K' (you know, the way 90% of rules tinkerers started out) as I've found a lot of small groups of 40K minis during my shed clean out...


  1. 'you can't have more til you paint the ones you've got' - if this rule were enforced for adults, so many hobbies would collapse entirely. Not just Warhammer, but video games, board games, scale models, and booksellers, too!

    1. Probably!

      On the other hand, I've painted 1000+ minis in 2 years since adopting this policy... ...and actually INCREASED my spending... also wife approves as she sees me out painting a lot - bonus for her: it gets the kids out of the house into the shed :-)


  2. I can honestly say the BFG Remastered rules, which contain all of the community updates through the end of them in 2016, is a fine ruleset with all the updated fleets. Give it a look!