Tuesday 13 January 2015

New Toys, Man Cave Upgrade

Hmm this blog may need to diversity into the world of drones...

Just been playing with my latest toy and it is great!  Replaces the $15 RC chopper my brother-in-law flew into a ceiling fan* (*I know, right?)

I definitely need to get prop-guards, given my wonky flying....

 The wife reckons it sounds like an angry bee... my 18-month-old daughter thinks it is awesome +1

Size does matter. I'm glad the wife talked me out of getting the micro-size one, or I could never have used it outside. The throttles are super sensitive.  I'm happy with the price - it's a $30 knock-off of the popular Hubsan X4.   I'm sure it will be joined by 'friends'. It's amazing how remote controls "breed" when you leave them alone unsupervised...

This is my ultimate aim. But you have to start somewhere...  
(Anyone who does not think this is cool, please hand in your man-card immediately and pick up your purse at the door).

Anyway, lucky for me I will have an indoor test flying area - my "Man Cave" has got a revamp (which has interfered a bit with my playtesting new rules lately).

My spacious new digs - a 6x6m garage which has been lined so I can keep favourite books there...
Not sure how to toddler-proof it though...

The deal was, I move my 2500+ books out of the house. However I've got the best of the trade I reckon.   In fact, in a stunning concession, I've also been allowed to move wargaming stuff into the house.   There is a small painting desk, 4x4' table, and some storage/display cupboards ready to go into the study/dining room. My computers will be in the same room so I won't even need to print off PDF rules.

It's surprising because I already have another 9x6m shed with a painting table already...  ...and the wife had planned to use it as a snuggle-up-and-watch TV room. I reckon if I quit my day job, I can always find a career as a SWAT hostage negotiator.  Either that or a matchmaker - I did a good job choosing my wife I reckon!


  1. I would like to register myself as one of those who thinks that video is awesome!

    Yes your wife is indeed most awesome. Just be careful of moisture in the Cave - I had a lot of moisture/mould damage in an open garage like that. Sealed plastic tubs with desiccant in them may be your best best, esp for stuff you don't use often. Much more dense from a storage perspective too.

    1. Agh, you enunciated my darkest fear! Books will likely be on bookshelves for the most part. The weather here is pretty dry, and the shed is lined (only weak points are around top of roller door) which hopefully is no worse than the wide open window in my old book room. And its slathered with mould kill (whats this rash that comes and goes, doctor tell me what it means....)

    2. As a side note, never let your wife fly a remote control anything.
      "zzzzZZZZZZT-BANG-ZzzZZZZZt-CRUNCH-ZzzZZZZZZt-CLUNK"<--the sound of her bouncing my new drone off the walls of said shed.... Investing in some rotor guards on ebay now....

    3. Well she needs to practice if you dream of drone delivered beverages to the Man Cave are to be realised!

    4. One can assume the Man Cave will have its own fridge. However food on the other hand... I believe some pizza companies are giving it thought...