Tuesday 24 January 2017

Retirement Home for Amputee Miniatures

I found some broken Clix in a box, laying conveniently next to a sprue of Perry medievals.  Voila!

This latex-clad lady had a broken whip arm.  It was replaced with a medieval plated arm, to channel a pulp Witchblade air.  You can imagine her hunting undead or something with her blessed blade.

A missing gun - no problem! I chopped off both arms.  The Perry stuff is amazing - the arms just slotted straight on with no adjustments needed.  I might do something about the kabuki mask  as it doesn't go with the medieval sword. 

My favourite: a missing throwing knife ended up with both arms removed with the Perry medieval arms just dropping neatly on.  I also had to replace the legs as they were snapped off at the ankle.  She could play in pulp games like the others, but could also slot into a conventional fantasy game as well.

This model had snapped ankles; rather than try repairs, I lazily hid them by sticking her legs into a coffin.  I swapped her sword and replaced the pistol with a Sten gun, so she channels a kinda Bloodrayne vampire-fighting-Nazis.

Obviously these models are not fully "tidied up" but I've been having heaps of fun digging through my boxes looking for broken things to make "table worthy."

I also worked on getting Weird War II stuff based up and painted.

Some of the few AE:WW2 that are not weedy and out-of-scale.

Some Soviet Survivors from West Wind's SOTR line.  Remember the broken whip arm from the first picture? Yeah, I thought the commissar might use it to "encourage" his troops.  The whippings will continue until morale improves, comrades!

The British use space marines I mean, power armour to fight the Nazi undead hordes....

Ever since I decided on the "no new minis in a scale until I paint the old ones" and "tabletop standard not masterwork" policies my painting output has been a consistent two dozen or so a week.

I'm deliberately setting aside time to paint, as I want no unpainted minis.  There's no reason to use the "army of silver and undercoat" - we all have some time to paint (I mean, think of the time the average person spends watching TV) we merely choose to do other things. 


  1. I am looking forward to see some of these guys in action on the blog some day.

  2. I have that first miniature with the whip, it broke in exactly the same place by the looks of it, didn't even survive shipping.

  3. Hey, I tried joining your discussion group to no avail, wondering if you guys are still active on the game-design front (even just for a chat) and wondered if there was another way to get in touch?

    1. You are approved - check again?

      Yes, the google group is generally much more active than the blog (as it does not rely on me - with 2 toddlers and coaching after work!)

  4. I suppose if one was playing Doctor Who Cybermen, the "silver coat" army would be appropriate to the source material! :)

  5. I need some kind of self-imposed programmed such as yours in order to get anything finished, but, to paraphrase Oscar Wilde, I have nothing to declare but my indiscipline.

    With regard to the figure with the kabuki mask, rather than removing the mask or head, you might consider exchanging the weapon for a katana or small scythe (or, ideally, a pair of them). Of course, unless you're familiar with the comic character Kabuki, you'll have no idea what I'm talking about.