Monday, 29 August 2011

Black Scorpion Miniatures: Tombstone miniatures

I got a nice package in the mail today from Black Scorpion.  I have been eyeing these models off for some time, and as I now own 'Legends of the Old West' (a LOTR-spin off) and I would like to do a western game.  I have an eye to using the minis for 'Deadlands' (weird west) and perhaps as Malifaux proxies.

Basically, the minis are as nice in the flesh (or rather bare metal) as they look on the website. With free P&P they work out to a little under $3 a model which is excellent value.  They had very little flash - about 5 models out of about 30 even needed any 'surgery' and it was very minor at that.

There was an interesting mix of models - female gunslingers, townfolk, lawmen and bandits.  There was a good range of poses and whilst they were not as dynamic as Malifaux there was a good range.  In particular, a fat townsman with a huge bushy beard brought a smile - they definitely have character!

I will post a comparison shot between an unpainted Black Scorpion and a Malifaux figure to give a size comparison soon - they are pretty similar.  Since I am unlikely to get them painted in a hurry, I'll link to photos from their official website.

I will be definitely be going back for more townsfolk and Apaches, if I can get interest going with the forces I have.

Here is the Malifaux (Lady Justice) vs Black Scorpion comparison shot:

Balck Scorpion are a little smaller but not 'out of place'

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