Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Don't Mention Ze War

I like Perry sculpts so a while back I thought I might pick up some LOTR boxes to paint.  Until I saw they charge $50 for the same 24-man box that costs $27 from in UK (this is after adjusting for currency) and Maelstrom has been banned from selling to overseas customers (i.e. the sort that don't like getting ripped off)

I am not the only one to be irked by this. 

Hitler Denounces GW Price Hike

This afforded me some amusement (I spent the money on a Strange Aeons rulebook instead* - the game looks fun and interesting - review to follow)

*What amuses me are the people who denounce GW self-righteously on the internetz but keep buying their stuff.  I swear the stuff must be cast from 50% heroin or something... it would also explain the prices...

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