Monday, 29 August 2011


I have been trying to get a Gundam game sorted for ages.  

I have some DP9 fleetscale mechs to use with Firestorm Armada ships.  I chose FA as they are huge ships and do not look ridiculously out-of-scale with the mechs. DP9, although pricey, make far nicer mechs than GZG. I am looking into clix or Ironwind games Battletech elementals, but metal ones I have would have to be cut messily off a base. So the overpriced DP9 mechs currently rule the roost.

Basing mechs, however, has been an issue.  Attaching the mechs directly to a flight stand looks silly and emphasizes the 'standing' poses of the models.  However, this solution is looking good:

I used a plastic counter (tiddlywink) from EM4 along with some of their flight bases. It looks a little shiny in the shot but looks good in natural light. The tiddly wink is simply attached by a 3x1mm rare earth magnet to anothe rmagnet superglued to the flight stand - so no glue is needed - which can cloud the plastic.

Since I mention EM4, I have been very impressed with them.  I wanted a more generous amount of dice for Force on Force and while I was at it I bought some coloured tiddlywinks for tracking the status of models in various games..

Very cheap, very handy - and shipped across the world at improbable speed.  They also make minis - I have some of their Silent-Death fighters (you get 12 for a few dollars) which are a great bargain for space games:

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