Monday, 29 August 2011

Triplanetary - Old School Style

Many starship games have a wet-navy style movement so it is WW2 in space.

Now in space I feel 3D movement is unnecessary: 3D matters in air combat due to gravity and it's influence on the aircraft's energy - in space up and down have no meaning and the two objects fighting determine the 'plane' anyway.  However vector movement IS essential - otherwise you might as well grab a set of WW2 naval rules.

I have yet to come across a better vector system than Triplanetary.  Whilst hexes, transparent sheets and chinograph pens are a bit messy (and old school) the same rules principles can be applied with a single 'drift marker' which is surely less effort than recording speed and writing orders in a ship log sheet.

Triplanetary Link including Movement Rules

I'd say this is the "One True Way" of vector movement...


  1. Vector movement is really popular with my local gaming group. Like you said, it's also real easy to track with drift markers, a la Galactic Knights.

  2. I used to avoid it under the mistaken impression it involved math or lots of measuring...