Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Firestorm Armada: Reltorza

 I'm not sure how to paint my Relthorza.

I never liked the Relthorza studio paint schemes, as they did not scream 'wierd arachnid race' to me so much as 'grey with some mild pastels'.

The structure of the ships remind me of EVE Online's Rupture class cruiser, with it's metallic bronze hues.

Obviously I am not original in this - Martin from "Fire Broadside" has a nice version similar to the look I have in mind - only a little less metallic than what I envision:
Relthorza Battleship

I could go for a weirder hue - "spiders" makes me think of redback spiders.  This guy has a few variations I might try (see lower down posts)
 Cruisers Paintjob

I'm surprised there isn't more variation - so many talented people tend to slavishly copy the studio paintjob for some reason...


  1. If they're weird arachnids, and you're already thinking redback spider, then how about B5 Shadow black with slasher blood red spatter pattern? You could then add metallic high-lights if required. The smaller fin ships (remind me of Solomani ships) should take it quite well.

  2. Blood spatter sounds interesting but may be beyond my painting skills to do effectively.

    I'm actually thinking black, with red in the cracks; then the black drybrushed maybe a metallic colour (either boltgun metal or bronze)

    This is, when I get around to assembling the things - Spartan Games has some weird ways of assembling/casting a model...