Monday, 29 August 2011

The First Law of Terrain consider how you will store it BEFORE you start making it...

I picked up some Infinity figures from Maelstrom which inspired me to make some terrain to fit the anime-like 'theme' rather than the random hotch-potch of stuff I have been using in a desparate attempt to stop everyone killing each other with 'reaction fire' by turn 2...

So I am working with 10cm (4") increments. Most buildings will be 10 x 20, 20 x 20, or 10 x 10 or some variation thereof.  I have gone for a prefab look, and I am sticking to low-story buildings. Building tall ones is a bit self-defeating as I am trying to block line of sight, not open up wider fields of fire. 

Here is the WIP in 'storage' mode:

Here are the same buildings spread out a bit: 

As you can see, storage should be a cinch. I have also placed doorways so they can be placed end-on, side-on or in an L-shape and still interconnect.

8 buildings down, 12 to go...

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