Tuesday, 30 August 2011

A Stalled Project - Last Exile/Sky Pirates

Now I have painted my aeronefs and zepplins I don't know what to do with them exactly.

My rule-set of choice, Bag the Hun, has little provision for larger ships (it is a dogfight game) and the larger ruleset which is the 'official' rules, Aeronef, lacks tactics beyond is  "roll buckets of dice and hope to roll 6s".

I kinda like the idea of a campaign with an airship, with a ragtag group of mercenary pilots who travel around in a campaign earning XP and performing daring missions, a la Crimson Skies.

However I think the 1/600 minis are too small and lack 'oomph'; but larger, say 1/300 biplanes would look seriously out of scale with their 1/1200 aeronef  brethren. 

The aeronef were fun to paint though so it's all worthwhile...

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