Sunday 15 July 2012

Fast Cheap Terrain Part 3 - Infinity 28mm - Donya Fortress

Inspired by the BF3 map "Donya Fortress" I attempted a centerpiece building rather than my usual tissue-boxes-with-interior-walls layouts. Obviously I could not spend too much time on it, so I simplified the design while retaining many similar junctions and fire lanes. 

Making this model ate up a LOT of time.  In fact I had intended to build this AND a warehouse but I went over time. The requirements in time and materials for large buildings is exponentially greater- this took an entire 500x770mm foamboard sheet AND some of another; rendering me unable to build a roof for it.

The top floor of the fortress. There are balconies overlooking the central courtyard. There are 2 internal staircases.  I notice there is a rather long fire lane in the closest corridor and I'll fix this by putting in 2-3 partitions to break LoS

20/20 Hindsight: I would have scaled this down and simplified it.  It doesn't justify the time expenditure as I could have build a dozen "10x20"s in the time I spent.   A failure in the "board coverage" stakes.

To make it worse I thought I'd dash out and spraypaint it between rain showers -- then realised I hadn't sealed the exposed foam with PVA. I'm hoping the foam will not be too extensively eaten out by the spray paint.

There ARE lots of rooms and I reckon playing inside the fortress will be great fun (I KNEW I got all those shotgun toting Odalisques for a reason*)
*Not the reason you're thinking
The bottom level.  The large central area is the courtyard which can be overlooked  from the upper storey  - I will be putting a ornamental pond and some palms in there.

Time Taken: 4.5hrs (10.5hrs total)

Lesson Learned:
Small mass produced buildings > Large unique building
I only have 1.5hrs left in my challenge to create wooden doors and windows, tin roofing sheets and roller doors.

See the results of the weekend's work here

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