Monday 9 July 2012

Infinity - Army Building (Combined Army)

I just put in some Infinity orders. I must say the models are beautiful but a nightmare to paint as their 'realistic' proportions require a fine hand compared to the usual chunky "heroic" features I am lazily accustomed to painting. 

  A face only a mother could love.

I tend to operate on the "pick 10+ cool models" whilst following some self-imposed guidelines:

2-3 "assault troops" with rifles, close range or template weapons
2 long range models (usually a HMG and sniper) to support assault/countersnipe
1-2 Thermal Optic Camo or AD troops to "deepstrike" (too many = not enough orders)
1 expensive model with an awesome combination of powers or equipment
1 hacker
1 anti-heavy (bazooka, missile, EM mauler, another hacker etc)
1 medic (engineer if mechs)

That's a rule of thumb and I figure it will allow me to deal with most threats.  I haven't gone sectorial armies but I just ordered some Shavasti; simply as they feel more "alien" than the Morat and I like the sculpts.

I thought the SHAVASTI Starter Box had decent options:
Seed Soldiers  x 3 (incl 1 lgl)
Malignos (sr)
Speculo killer  

I then added:
Aswuang (bs)
Noctifier (s)
Skiavros (pulse)
Charontid (hmg)

I'll be interested to see how the plasma rifle works in practice

Future Expansion
I'll probably add a Mechanoid medic and 3 Gwailos (bs, mr, sp) so I can change up from the Seed soldiers for more direct tactics. I'm not sure what to do for a hacker - perhaps another Noctifier or Shrouded. I'm thinking the latter as I already have 2 "TO" troops.

I'm dubious about the Skiavros and Charonid (I can't see myself deploying them both at once) but they go in under the "rule of cool."  I did think the fast Vector Operators sound interesting (mimetism+superjump) but they have ugly sculpts - the HMG on one looks like a drainpipe and the hacker is simply 'meh' overall. 

My order went away today, but if you have suggestions for my follow-up order, please let me know.

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