Thursday 6 October 2011

The First Rule of Terrain 3: FASA Hangar 18

Since my new rule is that 25% of all wargame budget must be spent on terrain - in order that I actually play with my lead mountains - I decided to pick an area in which I have been actively painting minis this week. 

I decided to get some sci-fi ish terrain for my jet 1/600 games.  I wanted something that could work as 1950s jets (i.e. Nazis in space) through to the current day.  So a pulp-y + sci-fi vibe would be good.

I remembered seeing some pulpy stuff on Hangar 18 FASA.

The Sky-Kings lines has some very cool looking Weird War 2 planes

This is like a B17s beefy, supercool big brother

I couldn't resists a flying aircraft carrier that might work with my 1/600 biplanes (another incomplete project)
I thought this might work for VSF as well...

...oh, terrain - yes, that was what I was after!

Of course I needed an airfield, and some targets - a radar station, factories and weapons dumps, and a V2 launcher. 

I suspect this radar station has been based on a shameless Heroclix-ripoff base

The models look like they will fit comfortably inside my 1.5" hex-ruled Hotzmat - they are very close to the exact hex side according to helpful measurements on the website.

Nothing like stopping the launch of a doomsday missile to make a scenario interesting...

Cost was about $3 per hex; so a 3-hex large terrain piece was around $9.  I'm looking forward to getting these - they should add flavour to both WW2-era jets and more modern/sci fi scenarios. 

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