Saturday 18 April 2020

Middle Earth: SBG - Dwarves

I call them the dwarves of Krasha-Duum. Because I've dropped their box three times now and broken quite a few weapons.  This is one of my smallest collections - I'd like another 12 dwarf warriors but they can't be had for love or (reasonable) money.  They work fine for a Battle Company though.

One of my smallest warbands, though I can supplement them with 24 dwarf rangers (i.e. not proper dwarves, but the suspiciously elf-like sort who gad about in forests).

Gimli, Balin, and a random king, plus what I assume is a dwarf captain or minor hero of some sort.

I really wish LOTR movie hadn't made Gimli into a cross-eyed comic relief. He just seems so lame compared to the Hobbit movie dwarves.

Talking about comic relief, while painting Balin I realised....

...bit slow on the uptake, I am.

Iron Guard, and Vault wardens.

I have a lot of Khazad Guard. Two more are on the hospital bench awaiting repairs.

Finally, my half-box of Dwarf warriors. I'd like 12 more, but *shrugs* I now have kids.

Reminding me of money, I'll do an estimate of what this would cost in today's GW (AUD):

12 Dwarf warriors = $35
9 Khazad Guard (metal) = $66
Dwarf commander (metal) = $18
Balin (metal) = $20
Iron Guard (metal) = $35
Vault warden team =  $26

Well, 26 models for only a trifling $200.   This reminds me of why I can't afford wargaming toys any more.  I'm saving the dwarf rangers to do together with elf and human rangers (so I have also finished a Battle Company at the same time).


  1. I don't know how Oathmark dwarves scale to LotR but I know their not heroic scale just looked these. I wonder if they'd mix well as their not nearly as expensive.

  2. Thanks for the tip! (but at $63AUD for 30 they're not vastly cheaper than GW $75AUD for 24.)

    Some things are waaay cheaper though (Goblin riders vs GW Orc riders are about 3x cheaper).

    Reminds me how out of touch I am with minis - I haven't looked at the Frostgrave stuff since the rules first came out!

  3. I was actually thinking about Oathmark as well. I was wondering if you were going to get us a review at some point? :)

    1. I have limited gaming funds, so I seldom delve into new rulesets. I was under the impression it was for bigger battles (i.e. more WFB, in the 100 models range) than my normal skirmish focus. I may be wrong though.

      ..and I still have 500 LoTR minis to go...

  4. Oathmark is big battle, though written to keep "small" big battles (~30 per side) viable and tactically engaging. The author did his best to not encourage the battle size creep common with other mass battle games. It's a decent set of rules and you may enjoy their focus on activation as the players main control method for the battle... That said I was just recommending the minis, not the rules.

    1. I was just replying about the rules to Eric who was inferring I should get them and review them :-)

      Did you find the rules fun?