Thursday 16 March 2023

LoTR - New Purchases

The LoTR painting campaign continues with another 38. This includes some of the first new models I've bought for a while. $150AUD for 14 models - yikes - there's a reason I merely rely on my 10-year-old eBay purchases. Prices are crazy, and while I like the LoTR sculpting style they are far from cutting edge - and haven't changed from the early 2000s from what I can see.

My 2023 LoTR painted total now stands at 162. All the 10-year-old eBay stuff is done, save a dozen or so excess orcs and Rohirrim, and a set of 6 Dol Amroth Knights. I think I did 336 in 2022. I only play skirmish games with low model counts so 500+ models in two years, for just one game genre, is a pretty big deal to me - output probably even exceeding my childless years of yore.

Arwen was outrageously expensive - $35AUD for 2 models - but my daughter is pleased at more female LoTR representatives.

I'm not a big fan of basing but emboldened by my success with the Balrog, I essayed a simple 'creek' base on Arwen and the Galadhrim Knights.

The Haradrim were another purchase. I kinda wanted an Mumak, but the raiders were a more sensible option both financially and gameplay-wise.

Finally I 'bulked out' my painting with a quick two dozen orcs; with green and red themes.


The pink $3 dollhouse ruined palace of Arnor is yet to be properly completed, but even with a quick spray+drybrush it forms a useful addition to our 'secondhand store castles.'  We are getting quite a tableful of these, and since my son isn't using the ones I donated to his sandpit I'll probably reclaim them as well and give them a quick coat...

In other news....

I'm also prepping 1:100/15mm tanks (PSC and Zvezda), for which I'll probably continue to develop my own homebrew "Tank Mordhiem." The Zvezda ones snap together (which my son does for me before I glue them for strength).

Burrows and Badgers is due to be playtested and reviewed (my daughter is keen to get some cute mousemaid warriors) and initial read through seems like a sensible set of rules, though I am less keen since I discovered it has hitpoints. 

I and my son have assembled some vikings for Ragnarok but the more I think about it, the less I actually want to play the rules (the setting and campaign is cool, the rules are merely average to meh). 

My 7 year old loves minis and is by no means a rough kid, but he is hard on them as he swooshes them around like the toys they are supposed to be. I reckon I'll get him some 15mm historicals as metal 15mm seem the most resilient models I have and allow the possibility to mix with Hot Wheels etc as he is not hung up on scale. Suggestions as to the best brands welcomed.

I also really need to paint and assemble my Imperialis Aeronautica and Dropfleet Commander minis and they sit near my workbench along with French Indian Wars regulars and undead pirates... ....but I just found some Mantic space dwarves so my kids want to make a wargame of the PC game Deep Rock Galactic. And they found my Quar pretty quirky and fun. Oh well - it's a hobby not a job - I guess I can do whatever...


  1. I know Frostgrave isn't your style but man - Hogwarts, Great Adventures Castle and the palace are just begging for a game! Beautiful!

    1. Frostgrave is my style - it's the best Mordhiem ripoff/substitute yet. It's just the game mechanics are awful.... If it could be ported to another system it'd be great!

  2. The castle came up fantastically! Going from Disney to "abandon hope all who enter" 😊
    For your son, why not some 1/72 scale plastics? Cheap and durable.
    Or alternatively, the bigger ones (40mm) you can buy off ebay for $20 or so for 100 figures some tanks and cars. I just bought some for my Grandson to play with.

    1. I gave him some 1/72 Vietcong I found in a box and they seem to be surviving well... apparently he wants medieval cavalry though.... Eureka is in Australia so P&P should be OK...