Sunday 1 October 2023

LotR:MESBG - Heroes, Villains... and Lizards (3D Print)

 Repeat after me - Tauriel is not part of Middle Earth...

...but my daughter is desperate for more 'girls' so I caved and not-Tauriel serves as an elf captain.  I'm only collecting LoTR not Hobbit as the minis remind me of that stupid movie (OK, not so bad once I struggled through two Rings of Power episodes before giving up - but it already has aged poorly compared to the original trilogy...). I do like the amputee orc on the base though...

These serve as the ?OOP? Rangers of the North/Dunedain. I think they are Medbury but I merely asked my 3D print guy for "Rangers but some with armour."

These twins are Davale I think, but it's the last of that brand Ill get as they are trying to jack up prices across regions making them less attractive.  

Forlong the Fat, a random king, and a wizard which I painted blue as "I cannot remember his name". Medbury I suspect.

These are shades which are Angmar heroes. I haven't finished basing everything yet but due to visitors I had to move everything into the 'not ideal, but table-ready' packed-away pile. I haven't really played Angmar but they are my favourite Evil faction in regards to interesting 'toys' and 'tricks'.
Uruk shamans to spice up my White Hand forces.
Another Davale sculpt, proxying for Amdur Lord of Blades.
My favourite models, Rhunish cave drakes. I painted them to be half Smaug, half Doberman. Again the base with an amputee (this time a dwarf) is pretty sweet.
My LotR total is now 414 for the year (not bad, considering I've done quite a few other projects such as dozens of tanks, Mantic Firefight and rediscovered 40K models, modern 28mm as well as prepping and basing hundreds more minis including ECW, Samurai, 15mm Arabs and ...Quar as well as a few dozen PT boats which I have not yet begun to paint...). My wife says if I am good I may be able to get a Mumak and a Watcher in the Water for my birthday...
My son has discovered my 15mm sci fi are relatively kid-proof and I have been distracted to start a new set of homebrew rules - simple platoon level sci fi rules (not too gluggy) for my kid that I am willing to play too (interesting decisions and activation). I've got a 4hr car trip tomorrow so I shall delegate driving duties to my wife and do them then.  I'd like to tinker with an 'orders' resource (like LoTR Might meets Infinity activation pool) which boosts units/allows them to act out of sequence.
I've got 101 rules of sci fi squad/platoon level but none really strike my fancy, although I AM a bit out of the loop (my 15mm sci fi craze kinda petered out in 2016ish...). I welcome suggestions...


  1. Sé que hay gente que juega escaramuzas de LotR con reglas adaptadas de SAGA.
    No sé si es lo que buscas...

  2. which brand for uruk shamans if you please?

    1. Davale "Super Orcs"

    2. thank you so much crazy man!

  3. 414 figures is crazy numbers!