Monday 16 April 2012

15mm Sky Barge (*cough* Dark Eldar Raider *cough*)

Horribly lit. I'll get the wife to re-take them. 

At least you can see the 15mm figure on the deck in this one.
I'll have to make myself one of those light boxes to eliminate glare.

Remember a time before Finecast?
Remember a time when GW didn't 'price fix' by banning retailers from selling outside the region?*
*Price in Australian dollars $55 ($57 US Dollars)
*Price in UK pounds 20.5 (after conversion) $31.55
These used to be available from Wayland Games and Maelstrom for free shipping..... for the UK price
So someone is making an extra $ 23.45 (or 57% markup)
I bought this model for around $25 pre price hike about a year ago... I wish I had stockpiled them!
Anyways this is the basis for my Witch Corsairs force for Tomorrow's War.  They work in "Nines" - 2 x 3 man fire teams and a 3-man heavy shardcannon team. These groups can be combined into larger 6 or 9 man forces.

EDIT:  Here's the TW stats
Witch Corsairs TQ8 Confidence 6 (they don't like stiff resistence)
Active trauma nanites (they heal with vampire-like rapidity)
Augmented senses (they can psychically sense enemies)
Old school (they don't need the grid)

"Coven of Nine"
3 man fireteam (projectile)
3 man fireteam (projectile)
3 man heavy weapons team (AP: 3 AP: 2 light)

I'd like to have have three sail barges - one per coven but.... at $110... just no

Interestingly, the 30 or so 15mm models came to $18...
The same amount of GW 28mm would have come to $144

The difference in cost  ($126) would allow me to buy a complete 15mm city from JR Miniatures


  1. Nice air boats!

    At $Aus55, not so nice.

    Yuck, $NZ64.40. In yah dreams, Workshop!

    1. The irony is, GW obviously makes a profit selling them for $30 in the UK.

      They missed out on all future profit from me by jacking up their prices/blocking Maelstrom from selling them outside UK... they went from making $90 off me to $30...

      I think GW's pricing structure is unsustainable but it's working for them so far I guess.... plastic crack for teens

      They say if you haven't played 40k by the time you're 20 you're not a wargamer, and if you're still playing 40k when you're over 35 you're not a wargamer... :-P

  2. woah, this is freaky, I was looking at one of these last week ( before seeing this post) to use as a sail barg for my 15s. Great minds think alike!

  3. I originally wanted a Tatoine skiff like this one
    But the bloody Star Wars collectors are selling a $20 toy for $80-160. Nerds! I find it supremely ironic when GW is the CHEAPER option.