Saturday 14 April 2012

Weapons (Delta Vector the Game)

Too wide a range of weapons = too many rules and stats to remember. Too few = Battlefleet Gothic blandness.

I'm going to make a few main categories, each of which will have 2-3 variants.

Energy Weapons (rapid-fire 'pulse' lasers, normal lasers, cutting/slicing beams)
Kinetic Weapons (heavy railgun shell, 'grapeshot', rapid-fire)
Missiles (this includes nuclear torpedoes and smaller fast missiles, maybe multi-warhead missiles)
Mines (robot missile "Captor" style or nova EMP AoE blast)

Ok, here goes:


Energy Beam  D10 to hit.
Drop Off: If you roll double the score you needed you do double damage, i.e. you need 4+ at 4" range and roll an 8+ (this represents how laser power dissipates at long range)

Kinetic Round  D10 to hit.
Slow Shell: As kinetic ammo is much slower than lasers, target realtive velocity is doubled, and evasive action penalties are doubled.
Penetrating:  At any range the shell hits, roll a d10 again; a 6+ means the target takes another damage
Kinetic Round:  If targets are closing at over 10"; roll shots that penetrate on a 6+ a second time (so a lucky kinetic round could do up to 3 damage)

Grapeshot Round  D10 to hit
Area Effect: All ships/missiles/fighters within 2" of a designated target point must roll to be hit, Multiple grape cannon may fire into the same 2" area to score multiple hits
Kinetic Round:  If targets are closing at over 10"; treat any hits as Penetrating

Ships must pass a CQ check to lock and launch a missile.

Missile counters are placed on the ship's drift counter at the start of a ship's activation. The next turn, it may engage any ships who pass within the missile's thrust range of missile counter.

Missiles are fired in 'salvoes' i.e. all of a ship's missiles must be fired at a single target.

Missiles are only active for one turn; then they deactivate and become inert, due to the dangers of live missiles and friendly merchant shipping

The die roll needed to hit is equal to the target's closest distance to the missile marker.  I.e. if the target passes 5" away then a 5+ is needed.  Missiles use a dice equal to their thrust. I.e  6" thrust missile uses d6, 8" thrust missile uses d8.

Missiles do damage equal to their warhead size.  d6 = light warhead, d8 = medium, d10 = heavy?

A ship may not have more than 1 missile salvo 'live' at a time.   Missiles can only be fired once in a turn, in a single salvo, against a single target

I've got rid of tracking for missiles - all you need is a single counter with the number of missiles on it, that gets removed after a turn. Nice!

Example Missile Stats:
"Seeker Missile"
Thrust 10"/d10 to hit
Damage d6


Pass a CQ check to launch a mine
Mines are dropped right behind the ship's stand.
Mines remain in that location until an enemy ship enters its thrust (attack) radius
Mines cannot be laid at a speed that exceeds the mine's thrust. I.e. a ship dropping a d6 thrust mine cannot be travelling faster than 6"
Mines can be detected (and reacted to) by ships in their CQ range who pass a CQ check; otherwise they cannot be fired upon as they are stealthy
Mines attack and have a 'to hit' range like missiles that is based on their thrust
Mines are persistent and remain where they are all game
Mines ignore target velocity (they launch from stationary and have more complex passive sensors than missiles)

Example Mine Stats:
"Captor Mine"
Thrust 6"/d6 to hit
Damage d10

There - that's enough to get started.

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