Saturday 18 November 2023

Carnevale Unboxing

 I received my 50% discount 'squashed packet' Carnivale box today from eBay. All contents were perfectly fine. Sweet! There was a lot of stuff packed in the box and I'm happy with my purchase although I am unlikely to play the rules themselves.

There is a complete table of colourful (albeit flimsy) cardboard terrain, as well as all rulers, dice, status counters etc. 

So far, very impressed. Unfortunately...

 The ~16 minis (2 warbands) were good sculpts, but made from cheap, nasty resin. 
(In the background is a fidget popper which makes a great paint mixing palette - you just wait til it dries and 'pop' the leftover paint into the bin.)

Some horrific mould connections resulted in unsightly chunks = lots of trimming/filing...

There were many breakages even when carefully clipping/cutting off residue. In addition the models do not slot into the 'slotta' base and are obviously intended to be placed on top of aftermarket cobblestone bases. Another $12 or so - no thanks!
The Deep Ones Rashaar come with slaves - to be either meatshields or a nutritious snack!

I actually found some extra small metal Deep Ones in my pulp mini box (Copplestone? Black Hat?) which I added to my warband. I'm not sure if they fit a 'stat profile' but I don't intend to use the rules.

The rules seem quite decent but I'm not a fan of marking off hitpoints in human skirmish games, so it's an automatic non-starter for me. I will, however, have a leaf through the rules, chug the dice and test the mechanics and discuss them sometime. 
Overall, I'm happy with the box. The rules have wonderful fluff that is worth discussing, there is lots of toys, terrain and accessories. It's just the minis - although they look good, they are not great quality. I had planned on getting more minis but I probably won't based on my experience with the starter box.

I also painted the Mumak crew, bringing my LotR paint total to 444 for the year.  As I have now 'cleared the deck' I am now free to order more LotR (according to my self imposed rules). 
If I start a new project (like Carnevale) I not only must paint the new minis within a month, but also paint an equivalent amount of random models from my pile of shame, so I always progress in my painted vs unpainted pile - I never go 'backwards'. It also encourages me to finish existing projects rather than start new ones (always my weakness).

The EM4 terminators and Westwind wolves are not connected (but may make a cool game!) they are just generic useful units for other games...

Some random models I grabbed to get some quick runs on the board. Unfortunately my 8 year old asked for help to finish his models, so I did both Star Wars rebels...

....and about 50 1:300 tiny Tumbling Dice WW2 planes which I found as part of my Excel inventory.

Italian and Soviets tangle around the Axis ocean airbase on a manmade atoll. 

The wee lad often explains his rules to me "If they have a friend killed they hate the enemy and get an extra dice roll to kill them in revenge" and "Darth Vader, even if he loses, has to roll another 6 to die cos he's so powerful" "If the planes are dogfighting together the other planes get an extra move to help them join in." He loves hanging out in the shed and has actually two 4x3' gaming tables in his room. Risk men, plastic ants and dinosaurs, and Matchbox tanks currently duel each other on the other board.

I was going to test out the Carnevale rules but it's late so another post, perhaps.


  1. Nice haul, though I wonder, did you know the Carnivale minis were resin when you ordered them? For me, I only buy metal and polystyrene plastic on sprue. I've tried soft Bones and brittle resin, and I strongly dislike working with either material, to the point that I just don't buy stuff like that. It's become an overwhelming preference for polystyrene over anything else. The only exception is board game tokens, which I don't intend to paint.

    Also, out of curiosity, just how big is your remaining pile of shame? Do you have an estimate of how long you have left to clear it if you keep at it at your current pace?

    My unbuilt pile is quite small, would comfortably fit in a small packing box. On the other hand, my unpainted pile is easily twice that, as I'm a rather leisurely painter.

    - GG

    1. I also dislike resin. I only deliberately buy it to proxy prohibitively expensive/OOP LoTR models i.e. $18 for what would cost $120 from official sources...
      My remaining pile of shame? I don't have exact figures but I estimated based on noteworthy incomplete stacks (20+ minis):
      ~100 Infinity (!)<- fiddly to paint, too!
      ~120 Pike & Shot (ECW)
      ~150 5th ed 40K*
      ~30 SOTR WW2*
      ~90 samurai Perry/WF #
      ~60 Greek hoplites Perry etc
      ~90 C3 wolven, elves etc*
      ~30 pirates Black Scorp*
      ~30 FIW*
      ~20 PT boats
      ~20 dropfleet spaceships #
      ~50 15mm tanks (need touch up/detailing)* + FoW platoon
      ~50 modern infantry*
      ~60 Quar
      ~20 Robotech (a bugger to assemble) #
      ~100 vikings/saxon GBP #
      So ~1000 or so? I've painted 600+ this year so far.
      *= Active project. Represents 50% or less of original models.
      # = Unassembled. Everything else is based and undercoated black.

    2. Nice! You have a bit more projects than I expected, but the overall total isn't bad, especially considering your pace.

      FYI, I have a few Robotech Tactics minis, and they were a little annoying to assemble, because you need to keep track of which arms go together. Now they're falling apart because regular plastic model cement doesn't really bite. If I played Robotech, I'd probably reassemble with SGT or "hot" PVC glue. It's one of more disappointing Kickstarters I've backed.

      My unbuilt pile?
      - 100+ 40k Space Marines
      - 20+ WFB Empire & DoW
      - 50+ BFG Eldar
      - 20+ Heavy Gears
      - 7 Malifaux Neverborn
      I'm not far from being fully playable, but I'm very far from being fully painted!

      - GG

  2. That fidget popper suggestion might be the greatest idea I've ever heard. I usually soak, scrub, and otherwise wrestle with my palette to get it clean. Added to the shopping list!

    And no offense to your own game designs but "Risk men, plastic ants and dinosaurs, and Matchbox tanks" sounds like exactly the kind of game I want to play!

  3. too bad the minis are low quality. That would be a deal breaker for me.