Saturday 2 December 2023

Gaslands Project Done... Moving On to Cruel Seas...

 In the past fortnight I have 'finalised' a few projects:

French Indian Wars (~50 minis painted) Carnevale (15), Pirates for Legends of the High Seas (~20), Blood Red Skies (6); remaining Warmachine & Empire of the Dead (~15) and Weird West (~10) - a decent chunk of models, but more importantly, finalizing half a dozen projects so they go into the 'outbox.'

Add to the done pile: Gaslands. I had a pile of ~20 Hot Wheels drilled apart for a year (you drill out the rivet so you can lift the roof off). They are now neatly completed and boxed up, along with templates and some very dodgy home made dice, ready for a game...

 My wee lad is sad to see this phase end - he loved debating weapon loadouts and industriously supervised the 3D printer which ran continuously for a few days, providing dozens of weapons and attachments (he insists on blood spattered rams...  ...8 year olds are vicious). He collected the leftover weapon spares and has outfitted another bunch of cars himself...

We will probably do terrain (12x12 squares with tracks that connect and can be rearranged) but that's an outside thing. And at 36d and 90% humidity it ain't happening...

We've 'driven' the cars around a bit using the Gaslands rules and templates and it was cinematic and fun (slides, skids, and flips) but kinda slow (even with one car each). There are 'kids rules' downloads which we may try but it seems a bit too stripped back and random.

I finished my final weird west minis - arcanists/aka EotD gentleman, as well as some random minis which lay loose in a box... That's 177 in the 'tableready' pile in a week...

Next up is probably Cruel Seas. My printed ships are pretty meh but I'll take free vs $58 any day of the week. I'm trying merchants first as they are relatively low detail, but may try some Siebel ferries, F-lighters, etc. I am dubious the detailed weapon mounts will work well on more complex models like minesweepers and corvettes.... I bought some 1:300 model railway men as I doubt the ability of the printer to do anything close to that size.

The Cruel Seas rules themselves are pretty dodgy and have a real 'untested beta' feel to them. I'll probably use my old Schnell Rules for Schnelleboot as I'm not paying $18+ for a pdf for newer coastal forces rules.  I just resent paying the same for a digital file as I would for a proper book. I've got a few rules from back in the day.

However I doubt I'll be able to resist adding my own twist to vanilla WW2 coastal forces... Perhaps it is dark, demon-haunted seas, patrolled by megaladons, kraken and vicious pteradons. And definitely pirates.

Also sitting on my table is the vikings vs zombies ice world project I am starting...  ..when you have minis leftover from an aborted project - what do you do? Create a new project!


  1. "1:300 model railway men"

    I wasn't aware that such tiny minis even existed. 1/300 would make them about 1/4” tall, or 6mm. Definitely going to have to multibase if you're wargaming with them!

    - GG

    1. 1:300/aka 6mm is a VERY well supported scale for modern, sci fi and WW2 - where the focus is on vehicles (and $2ea tank/plane is a good price!). You can even get 6mm ancients etc but I feel 1:300 which focus on vehicles are more sensible.

      They are often based as very cool mini dioramas i.e. you might do a HQ unit of a few troops, a jeep or two on a base, or 3-4 T72s or whatever....

      GHQ does some amazingly detailed vehicles (not cheap) but GZG, Heroics and Ros, Skytrex, Scotia etc all have huge ranges...


    2. Thanks. 6mm ancients would be awesome, because you could have 1:1 figure:ground scale. A Roman legion of 5,000 men would have the same footprint as a typical Warhammer army.



    4. I just finished up a 6mm Egyptian army for the Battle of Kadesh. I love 6mm for ancients as they start to look like armies!

      Strength and Honour is a rule system designed for 6mm and smaller (Yes, I said smaller!). It has been getting some good buzz.

  2. Gaslands es lento, realmente es difícil captar la esencia de la idea y transmitirla al tablero.
    Recuerdo Gorkamorka como algo más divertido aunque hace como 15 años o más que no juego, la verdad.

  3. Super impressive output for the year. I am jealous.

    1. I'm quite proud of my 'dieting' discipline = i.e. painting vs purchasing!

      I've about 600~ minis unpainted now.

      I've only been recording non-LOTR the last fortnight ~200, but added to ~450 LOTR, and I estimate ~200 other randoms earlier in the year = I have halved the unpainted lead mountain.