Thursday 7 December 2023

There is but one Lord of the Ring...

 ...and he does not share power!

I was momentarily disrupted in my quest to work through my unpainted pile, thanks to the arrival of some 3D print lads.

$10 for a 3D print sure beats $78 from Gee-Dub. I dislike resin but in a model this large it's sturdy enough. 

$15 not $84. The mace is cool but a bit iffy - fragile. I glued the mace head to the base to strengthen it. Oh well, if it breaks I can buy 5 more and still have saved money...

I can upgrade my scratch-built goblin drum, and get a 'non essential but cool' dwarf unit. I must say I really hate the changes with MESBG (a ruleset which has pretty much had 2 editions in 20 years). 

Dwarves got kinda screwed when they were split up into two sub-factions and then Iron Hills (Hobbit) powercept them with more flexible/better in pretty much every way.

While MESBG is one of the few GW games I recommend, unfortunately GW doesn't release many new models (or even base 'core' models) but they ARE now releasing these 'supplements' with 'legendary legions' - usually OP sub factions which you need the codex supplement to play.

A few barrow-wights... my son likes Angmar and its mix of ghosts and monsters....

He also loves wargs, so I boosted my warg pack. $4 for a warg chieftain, $1.50 per warg? That's an easy impulse purchase... Also the relatively solid sculpts are good in resin, compared to the more obviously flimsy wights. But  the 3D company sent me double the wights for the same price so *shrugs* who cares?

I wanted a mounted Elrond (mounted heroes are always better), but at $84 for an official model that was a hard no. $12, on the other hand...

While the official GW support and pricing is pretty crap for MESBG, the mix of secondhand ebay minis for base units, and 3D printing heroes/specialists means I can collect without selling any kidneys...

One of my self-imposed rules is "before buying any new models, have to have painted double that from the existing pile" and "all new buys must be painted in a week." Well I finished these with 5 days to spare and since my fortnight model count is 205 (now 226) I'm Ok with buying new toys as I know they will be quickly table-ready.  I also know they will get "table time."

LotR "painted" count for the entire year is 466, as I continue to slowly build balanced forces for all the LotR factions (not the Hobbit, that movie is not canon!. Only Dunland remains though I need to paint some of my existing vikings before I buy more (I want wilder and more varied Victrix, not the sensible-but-bland Warlord ones I have already)....


  1. La impresión 3d está ayudando a que nuevos jugadores se adentren en los wargames, en España es una realidad. Aquí una caja Leviathan de 40k cuesta unos ~280€ y el sueldo promedio es de ~1.100€ al mes, muchos jugadores se echan atrás y no los culpo.

    No obstante, con la impresión 3d ha entrado a jugar mucha más gente y se ha popularizado más jugar a wargames, lo cual creo que es positivo para los jugadores.

    Ha entrado mucha gente más joven, sobretodo en juegos como Kill Team, donde la impresión 3d brinda nuevas opciones de personalización, además de que el abaratamiento de costes te permite tener varias bandas o más opciones.

    Por otro lado, cuando era preadolescente jugaba rol (juegos como MERP, Rolemaster, Stormbringer...) y en España se podía fotocopiar cualquier libro sin problemas. Muchos dijeron que eso iba a acabar con los juegos de rol y no fue así, del mismo modo que no creo que la impresión 3d acabe con los wargames.

    Tan solo felicitarle por el blog, lo mejor que encontré en internet junto a "Blood and spectacles", y que secundo la idea del libro que le comentaba alguien en un artículo anterior.

    Muchas gracias. Un saludo desde España.

    1. In Australia the wage/GW product ratio is probably better.

      Interestingly, excessive postage (from UK/USA) has made GW more attractive in contrast to smaller companies. I might pay $90 postage on a $80 indie rulebook... I could buy a secondhand Xbox for that....

      I don't know many who 3D print and play with their minis - filament printers seem more common here. Although I did see a game of Battlefleet Gothic in a shop where I presume the minis were 3D printed - I didn't have time to look.

      Game shops tend to have popular commercial stuff like 40K, AoS, Star Wars and I live in a small town where there isn't a thriving hobby scene.


  2. Aquí los clubs de juego grandes cerca de donde vivo (unos 120 kilómetros) tienen una actividad bastante notable si juegas GW, y en mi pueblo hay una única tienda pequeña que juegan 40k y Kill Team. Ya nadie juega Warhammer Fantasy excepto un pequeño grupo y el problema principal es que la gente no quiere entrar a juegos de fuera de GW "por miedo a no encontrar oponentes".

    Gracias por todo, excelente blog.