Monday 7 May 2012

Ship Systems: DvTG

 ------Special Systems-------
Again, smaller ships will have an advantage when deploying specialist weapons; as a cheaper, faster delivery platform that can evade damage more easily. 

To further this; carrying a system is a % cost of the overall ship price; so a 10% fee for a warp interdictor would cost 3 on a 30pt cruiser and 30 on a 300-point dreadnought.This is 'gamey' but is to encourage small ships with a specific role (besides cannon-fodder).

EvE Online - a source of inspiration for give all size ships a useful role

Stasis Grav Web (Tractor Beam)
Rule: Tractor Beam
Lock on: The tractoring ship must roll their CQ to lock the tractor beam on (8" maximum range)
Both ships move their drift markers towards each other; the smaller shop moves d6"; the larger ship moves d6"/2. The target ship and the tractoring ship cannot jump into hyperspace.

EW Module
Rule: Narrow-beam Jamming
+2 to enemy target ship range for all firing
Rule:  Narrow-beam Active Sensors
-2 to all fire directed at a specific enemy ship (from all friendlies)
Rule:  Defensive Jamming
+2 to all enemy fire directed at self (from all enemies)

The EW vessel can choose the rule to apply for a specific turn. They must roll their CQ to lock an enemy target.  The EW range is 2 x the crew quality in inches.

Comm Link Relay
Rule: Relay
The ship can double the CQ range of a ship and 'pass on' command benefits to ships in range . It can be helpful for controlling missiles or drones at long range, or can allow a skilllfull commander to direct a distant squadron. I.e. a comlink ship within the CQ range of another ship (i.e. 10") can 'hand on' command benefits a further 10" on.  This is an automatic passive ability and needs no roll to succeed. 

ECM Jammer
Rule: ECM Jamming
May roll a contested roll against a target ship. If it succeeds, the target ship is jammed and cannot fire or lock any targets.

Rule:  ECM Burst
Maybe able to break enemy locks on self (or any ship within CQ range); any ship in range (including self) must beat a contested CQ roll to lock. 

Scout Module (Probes+Sensor Array)
Rule: Block Jamming
May re-roll a failed contested jamming roll

Rule: Uncloak
Can deploy scanning probes to  detect cloaked ships. Maximum 1 probe per ship may be deployed at once. 

Cloaking Device
Rule: Cloak
Cloaked ships cannot move at a speed exceeding their thrust. While cloaked ships use the "Detection" rules detailed elsewhere. Ships cannot fire when cloaked and must uncloak to fire. 

Hyperjump Equipment

Hyperjump Beacon
Ships (friendly or enemy) can jump to the beacon from another system

Hyperjump Engines
Ships can jump out of the system to any jump beacon

Remote Repair Microdrone Bay
Rule: Repair Boost. 
Ships may re-roll any failed repair rolls or roll a 2nd repair roll (of another system) at CQ6. 
Rule: Remote Repair. 
Ships can repair friendlies up to /2 CQ range using the same Repair Boost rules. 

Repair drones are spider-like repair bots who have boosters enabling them to fly short distances. They cling to the outside of the ship's hull. They have inbuilt tools to cut, wield and they can secrete a microfilament to seal breaches.

Command (Flagship) Module
Rule: Command Bonus
The command bonus means dice go up a level for CQ checks in a specific area. This is set before the scenario as the computers need to be optimised for the best performance. Friendlies must be within the CQ range in order to benefit. 
Bonus Areas: Initiative, Repair, Maneuvers, EW, Recon/Sensors
Design Note: I have borrowed many ideas from EvE Online, combining many similar systems into a single system in most cases.  EvE is excellent in the way it makes all ship sizes viable; their smaller frigate/cruiser size ships often have roles such as "tacklers" who stop enemies from warping off and slow their speed; "EW" ships who disrupt or outright jam enemy fire; "reppers" who fix friendlies and "drone cruisers" who are hard to target and carry swarms of drones...

I will probably allow discounts (i.e. 50% off price or similar) to modules to specific shiptypes  which will hopefully encourage specific roles...

"Scout Frigate" - has scout sensors, comm link

"Interceptor Frigate" - has stasis web and jump beacon

"AWACS Frigate" - has ECM Jammer and command module

"Support Cruiser" has 2 repair drone bays

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