Saturday 2 March 2013

Cheap Generic Terrain for 1/1200, 1/600, 1/300

I was keeping an eye out for terrain for my new Aeronef fleets when I came across these 1/1200 items from Brigade's own "Land Ironclads" range.

 At $7.50 for 20, a village/small town is very affordable....

Not only is it cheap and affordable - it would also work for 1/300 and 1/600 aerial games. Having smaller sized terrain gives a feeling of altitude and "perspective" and makes the ground seem far below the aircraft models on their stands.

This sea fort looks quite plausible

I could also use then for 1/1200 age of sail games and my new 1/1200 coastal forces.
As I was quite pleased with my last Brigade 1/300 terrain, these sci fi desert dwellings, AND this new terrain seems useful for a range of games...   ....I feel an order coming on.

 A village is not complete without a church...

Besides industrial, agricultural buildings and city "terraced" houses, there is also a Middle Eastern range:

Generic Middle Eastern terrain is useful from the middle ages to modern games....

Definitely a useful range with many applications, and Brigade seems to be expanding its micro scale terrain with regular updates and new content....


  1. Couldn't agree more. There are some good terrain pieces in the Dystopian Wars range too

    1. I always though Dystopian Wars was a bit too "cartoony" and comic (as is their ground terrain). I like my VSF to look as plausible as possible...