Tuesday 1 September 2015

Delta Vector - Gaming Chat Group

For a relatively small blog, the Delta Vectors readers are quite energetic.  Usually the discussions and ideas in the comments section dwarfs the original post (and has more useful content!).  When I trawl the comments to prune spam, I am always impressed by the high standards and helpfulness/good ideas in the comments.  So I thought I'd harness the reader power. 

So I've started a google group. 
It's like a Yahoo group, only a bit less obnoxious to use and navigate.

Why would you join this group?
 Do you have a homebrew rules set you want to share or seek ideas/feedback on?

Want some independent playtesters (or simply opinions) from others who aren't your immediate friends/family/club mates?

Do you want the feedback of like-minded readers when considering when to buy new rules?

Do you want to continue discussions from blog posts in a more relaxed way?

Do you want to share files with other readers?

Are you interested in getting to know fellow gamers better?

My aim:
I've noticed a lot of blog regulars have VERY similar outlook and interests that transcends a particular game system. (Like my separated-from-birth twin Paul of the Man Cave) I'd like to provide a "clubhouse" for these folk.  Interested in topics as diverse as space games, 15mm sci fi, dark age skirmish, WW2 tank battles, mass battle ancients and the odd game of Warmachine

Further, lots of people have their own "homebrew" rules they've been working on.  Heck, it can just be a scribbled idea for a cool mechanism.  Here's a easy way to share them and chat with people who presumably are interested in how games work (well, why else do so many sit through the "game design" wall of texts on this blog?)  You'll be sharing ideas with a small group of likeminded folk, not tossing yourself to the wolves.

Finally, I often get requests to playtest/give opinions on rules.  Sadly I don't have the time, energy (or sometimes simply the mini collection) to properly test many of them beyond giving a quick opinion.  Having a group allows you to "hook up" with others who will come at things from a different angle.

So the focus is on rules, and making rules, but really anything goes.  

I don't have big goals: ~20 members would be great and provide a useful 'think tank.'

Isn't there lots of forums/websites that already do this?
Sure.  But sometimes they can be too big, or weird, or full of a-holes (*cough* TMP *cough*).
Other times they are aimed at a particular ruleset or scale.  Also, they are often not properly moderated.

So how do I sign up?
1. Enter the address found here in your search bar or simply click here.
2. Choose to subscribe, enter your email address and a number to prove you aren't a bot*
3. Go to your own email address.  You'll probably find the email in the junk folder.
4. Confirm you DO want to join the group (yes, you do!)
5. Await confirmation that you are indeed one of the cool kids
6. Go back to the address from #1, and you should be able to sign in and post etc.

Right now there will only be a few topics (I'll chuck up a few homebrew rules of my own soon, when I can rescue them off my old HDD) but please introduce yourself in the thread provided and feel free to make your own posts.

If you have trouble simply shoot me a line in the comments with a suitable "adjusted" email address to defeat spam bots.

(Note: At the moment I will keep this group private and individually "approve" people individually as I'm not interested in being sold Viagra or offered riches by a unknown Nigerian.  Bear in mind I operate in the Australian TZ ....except when my 6-week-old keeps me up

*I always fail these tests. I sometimes wonder: am I the 14th Cylon?


  1. Just approved 5 members. Let me know if you have any trouble posting and make sure to say hi in the "Introduce Yourself" section.

    I'm trying google groups for the first time as I hate yahoo, so please attribute any issues to stupidity rather than malice....

    1. I've always disliked Yahoo Groups as well, far too clunky and awkward.
      I've applied to join, but don't expect any stunning conversation from me - I just like reading what other people think about games - unless they are twits on TMP of course. :)

    2. Please do post though. It can be any random wargaming topic.

      Given the smaller audience, you don't have to think as carefully before you post. You can also link/share interesting articles etc (I tend to avoid this on the blog, I like to do "new" or original content); perhaps the sort of thing not really worth a proper blog post - so hopefully the barrier to from lurking to chatting is lower. We'll see.

      Given the synchonicity of ideas of so many readers, I'm sure someone will appreciate any posts and comments.

  2. Does this mean that you will now move your discussions of rules to this new chat room? I really have enjoyed your commentaries on rules. You have very insightful topics, topics that get more than the usual casual glance. The comments that you get are interesting, too.

    But I'll admit I am more of a "lurker" and have maybe commented once or twice. I don't join chat groups and such unless I feel I have something to contribute.

    1. No. Main "services" i.e. game design posts, rules reviews etc remain. In fact, nothing changes for the blog. I suspect blog posts may even flow out of the groups.

      I'm just expanding to make things more interactive. What you will find (I hope) on the group, and not in the blog, "new" stuff such as....

      - Other peoples house rules and ideas, and discussions around them

      - Other people exploring game mechanics

      - A bit more community "sharing" of the odd project

      - Feedback on rules I don't cover (like mass battles)

      - Sharing obscure "topics of interest" Kickstarters etc (I rarely repost newsy stuff) or unknown but cool indie rules

      - You can be more informal and relaxed in your comments (i.e. 20 people see your comment, not 2000) so hopefully people are more likely to contribute

      I guess the groups is a bit less formal and a bit more sharing.
      The blog is a bit like I choose topic, and everyone responds to it in these little comment boxes. A little rigid and kinda soapbox-y.

      The group allows others to set the agenda, as it were, and have more flexibility to respond. Initially I'll pump out a fair bit of content to "prime the pumps" as it were, but (if I gauge the readers correctly) it should become its own self contained community once they get warmed up.

      Does that make sense?

  3. I signed up, and it says membership is pending, but I didn't get an e-mail back (I assume this is an automatic e-mail before the actual confirmation). I looked in my junk folder even.

    1. Remember I'm in the Australian timezone (5pm now is 3am in the morning in US, for example) so my responses are always a bit laggt. I have to physically tick "approved" - I do this to avoid spammers....

    2. Ok. I thought it might be that, but it sounded like maybe I was supposed to get an automatic e-mail before the confirmation one.

    3. By the way, although you can post, your email is classed as "bouncing" along with that of Les S

    4. I suspect it has something to do with your spam settings at your end.

      I don't think it matters as you are web-only so you aren't missing out on anything.

  4. OK just applied to join the Google group I have lots of homebrew rules which are incomplete (most of my completed ones are on my freewargamesrules website). Others I could not publish for copyright reasons (like my Aliens IHMN modification).

    1. Excellent! (Said Mr Burns-style, rubbing hands together...)

      I must say I'm a big fan of your freewargames website - although I don't visit as often any more, in my younger (and impoverished) years it was a great source of inspiration and helped "open my eyes" beyond 40K and the ilk...

  5. Signing now!! One never have enough blog or groups suscriptions...

    1. If you ran out of things to look at and respond to... you might have to do REAL WORK (shudder!)

      As a side note, we already have 26 members in the first day, a number I didn't expect to reach for a few weeks.

      We already have several rules and ideas to look at, so the members are shaping to be as energetic as I expected....

      Welcome, the water is warm!

    2. I do real work... in fact, I don´t respond to all blogs, forums, etc. Neither I read all, sadly. Yo see my belated answer...

  6. This looks like fun. Most war game rules dev forums are a ghetto of the larger forum. Only scum and villainy to be found. 😄 I am confident this one will be different.

    1. Well it isn't restricted to wargame design stuff, but majority of posts so far are focussed on it, kinda as expected. Already a few games up to look/comment at.

  7. Is this group still going strong? All the posts here are over a year old.

    1. It is still active, yes. There's about 20 or so active, regular posters, and about 80-90 lurkers?

      If you have rules you want others to read and discuss, yes, it's worth getting involved. Most I suspect come to look at the draft rules.

      Basically, do you like the "Game Design" blog posts?
      Do you like seeing rules evolve (there's about 20-30 rulesets worked on with 2-3 being "active" at a time)?

      Personally, at the least, Nick Caldwell's AI rules (for playing solo games) is worth the effort of applying as it's something I've never seen done before.

    2. Okay thanks, I always have some rule sets and mechanics rattling around in my head and I would enjoy seeing what other people think of them and how other games handle the same situations.

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  9. Hi, I was wondering if this group was still active. I discovered your blog recently and avidly reading through your game design articles that provide me a loot of food for thought. I would love to join the group if it's still active and exchange some ideas. Thanks in advance!

    1. Yes - it's pretty low key now, though - only a few posts now and then. If you have questions you'll get a response, though.

      Discord groups seems to be where it's at, nowdays.

    2. wheres the best place to talk skirmish game rules in 2023?

  10. Tried to join a while back I think - Tom Jensen.
    Can you check the status? I may have missed the confirmation email...