Saturday 9 September 2017

Cold Navy (Part 2) - All Your Spaceships Belong Me

I think this means I have no unpainted spaceships, and therefore I can buy more! (hmm, I think I have a box of GZG Kra'vak pieces someone gave me, but I don't know if I'll paint them - might just give them away/use them as a painting project for my daughter who at 4 is looking with avid interest at my painting table...)

Anywhoo, these are more old Cold Navy sculpts (due to excessive mold/casting issues they sat unused for 5 years in a drawer).  Designs are great though.  I think they are the "Mauridians" or something. 

As usual I go for bright colours on smaller models to make them "pop" better; as usual I overemphasize detail which makes it look good at range but a bit slapdash up close (click on photos to see what I mean).  I found some light blue I never use, and I likewise avoid white, so it seemed a good time to experiment.

The colours were determined merely by looking through my paint pots and saying "what haven't I used lately"...

Besides reading The Lost Fleet series, Netflix has S2 of The Expanse which is perhaps the best sci fi show in recent memory.

Again I use "reverse drybrushing" where I paint everything except the edges near the cracks.  You can see the dark blue where I have deliberately left a gap.  

The Expanse's space battles has only a few ships per side, but they are very gripping; railguns punch straight though ships. They seem like space battles, not just rebadged WW2 naval/dogfights/age of sail.

The larger ship is a carrier.  I considered another colour (perhaps a bronze/metallic colour) to make things "pop" even more but I decided it might look too "busy" - the ships are pretty bright and garish as it is!


  1. Gotta agree - the Expanse is brilliant. All sorts of gaming spin offs for both space and skirmish battles there!

  2. Ditto on the Expanse, best sci-fi since Firefly! Like the color choice here, made them pop without over doing it!

  3. I am glad to see some spacecraft getting painted. Next maybe we will see them in use!

    1. For some reason, my kids respect the sanctity of my painting table; but the minute I setup to playtest anything, they regard it as an invite to play with everything...

      ...I'm wanting to set up a Terraclix board, for example, to test a zombie hunting mission for ACW pike (!) but I have to wait til they're at the grandparents...