Friday 13 October 2017

Diary of an Average Painter: Weird West

This is another one of my "large" collections - I've mixed up Black Scorpion, Confrontation, clix, West Wind, Heresy and Malifaux for a substantial bunch of cowboys and monsters.

Here are some relatively mundane models I painted up quickly while "watching" my kids in the sandpit.

First, some rather mundane cowboys. They'll have nonetheless stocked up on garlic and holy water...

Then, what my wife calls the "Pussy Galore" gang. It is rumoured some possess minor magecraft...

Some Apache/Commanche(?)s - they use silver bullets for taking down skinwalkers...

The local reverand confronts an undead cowboy - and his skeletal dog, so faithful that death cannot part them...

Townfolk gather to confront the undead...

While the majority are Black Scorpion, I have no idea where the skellie cowboy came from. Great Rail Wars maybe? The dog I think is off a Mantic skeleton sprue.

At the moment, I'm working on some pulp models, for a game featuring either aether-manipulating mages or occult Nazi shenanigans. Though I see I've got heaps of unpainted 15mm - and a 15mm army would be both quick and satisfying to paint.


  1. Beautiful Wild west figures and buildings, and this skeletton dog is superb!

    1. Black Scorpion have expanded their range and how have their own supernatural cowboys... they make arguably the best Wild West minis but at ~$15 for 4-5 they aren't the cheapest; and I'm not a fan of the switch to resin...

  2. I love the idea of Wierd Wild West and am always interested when you post about it. Are there rulesets that you use for Wierd Wild Wets that you recommend or is it homebrew/add-ons to existing Wild West rules?

  3. The ones I've used so far are Legends of the Old West (rebadged LoTR, OOP now) and Savage Worlds (Deadlands is the official source, but I only use the basic Explorer rules which at $10 are very useful...

    ..but at the moment I am fiddling with the modern pulp rules, also the rebadged Middleheim with simpler activation...

    1. ...oh and also the 2HW one which I thought was meh, as well as a freebie (?Blackwater Gulch?) so long back I can't recall, and Great Rail Wars which I only experimented with...

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