Friday 6 August 2021

Creating 15mm Sci Fi Rules "The Forgotten" - Shooting, CQC, Morale

This will conclude the 4Ms - the core mechanics of the rules. I'm not 100% happy with the morale/suppression rules and this will probably be tweaked, but at least now I have something I can playtest. This is "Stage 1" -  how you fight, shoot etc - which should be simple and easily resolved. It should be all "under the hood" and strive to be simple, familiar and straightforward.

The difficult game design stage will be the demon possession resource mechanic (a kind of Warmachine-esque magic/buff to troops), and how to incorporate hacking/cyber war - it's like two magic systems in the same game.  


I've tried to keep a consistent mechanic - rolling high on d10 is good. Cover should be important. The soldier's facing should matter. Not too many modifiers to remember.

Each soldier has a SHOOT stat. You must roll equal or above the stat to hit a target. The dice roll can be modified by things like range or the firer’s stance, or the target’s cover.


+1 Stationary

-1 Normal move


+1 close range

+1 facing away

-1 long range

-2 in  cover/obscured

Cover & Flanking 

A target counts as in cover if it is touching/ within 1” (a baselength) of the cover; if the firer is in its rear 180 the cover does not count.


Two or more near-misses (shots that fail by 1) or non-damaging hits may trigger a SHOCK test.

Aimed Fire

A soldier who is stationary or moving cautiously can choose to fire a single shot that is either +1 to hit, or +1 to damage rolls.

Blind Fire/Spray n Pray

This is firing fully automatic (Rof3+) or blast weapons and may be used against a not fully-visible target at medium ranges. You may attack any targets within 3” (Rof3) or 4” (Rof4) of the nominated point – you “share” the shots but may nominate where extra shots go. All rolls are -1 to hit.


These are thrown using the CQC roll and range is PHYS x 2. A hit means the grenade is placed where you want; a miss means it scatters 1d6” randomly.


I've tried to keep it simple and consistent with the shooting while allowing some choices. Inspired a little by LOTR:SBG.

Each soldier has a CQC stat. Both combatants get to roll when the attacker moves into base contact.

The attacker must roll equal or above their CQC stat to hit; before this roll, the defender can choose to block (rolling to cancel out any hits) or counter (rolling to hit and damage - AFTER the attacker); which they execute by also rolling equal or above their own CQC stat.

+1 Target facing away

-1 Outnumbered

Pushback & Breakaway

The successful fighter (or the one with the highest roll if they both succeeded) can choose to pushback an opponent 1” or disengage themselves backwards 1”. Otherwise they remain in CQC for their next activation.

Two handed weapons, Shields and Dual Wielding

Shield – you can throw a second dice which is only used to block hits; adds +1 DEF vs shooting

Dual weapons – you can throw a second dice, but both will either be -1 to hit or -1 to damage rolls

Two handed weapons – you can choose to power attack; add +2 to damage rolls, in exchange for -1 to hit roll


Original DAMAGE v1 (using d6s)

I borrowed this off Kill Team but I will probably swap this out for a d10 based mechanic.

Shooting – compare the weapon’s Damage to the target’s Defence and roll a d6.

Melee – add the weapon’s Damage to the wielder’s Strength, compare to target Defence and roll d6.

Defence is 2x or more better = 6+ kills

Defence is better = 5+ kills

Both equal = 4+ kills

Attack is better = 3+ kills

Attack is 2x or more better = 2+ kills


New DAMAGE v2 (using d10, more consistent following of rules)

My original idea used d6s, so I've swapped it out so the d10s and mechanics are consistent.

Shooting - roll above weapon's ATTACK POWER to kill.

- defender armour level (i.e light armour -1, heavy armour -2)

- cover level (soft cover -1, hard cover -2)

Melee - Roll above attacker's PHYS to kill

+ weapon ATTACK BONUS (i.e. sword +1, 2H axe +2)

+1 if attack from rear

- defender armour level (i.e light armour -1, heavy armour -2)


Death & Injury

Most models are automatically “killed” (or “downed”) – basically a kill is an incapacitatingly serious injury.

Wounds & Heroic Saves

Some heroes (and possessed models) may roll an extra “save” to avoid being “killed” This is tested against PHYS or even other stats as directed by the special rule.

Some extremely tough or bulky models can be “wounded” – absorbing damage that would incapacitate or kill a lesser being. A wounded model is -1 to all rolls and halves movement permanently and receives a red token under its base.



Troops will not always do as they are told – especially if demonic entities are about! The ability of a demon to override its hosts’ fear becomes a useful boon. “Shock” is a catch-all for disorientation, terror, concussion/blast from non-penetrating hits, and temporary impairment of a units capability.

I'm not happy with these rules - as fear will be a major factor in rules involving dark occult forces.

*A unit must test for shock if:

1. A member of their fire team or the overall leader is downed

2. It receives 2+ near misses or a non-damaging hit

3. A special rule applies – e.g. fighting (or attempting to fight) a possessed enemy in CQC

*A shocked unit can choose to:

1. Duck back (if in cover) and forfeit any actions/held actions – and avoid a shock token

2. Sprint away from the enemy that gave shock (if it does not result in moving closer to other visible foes) – and avoid a shock token

3. Accept the shock token and take other actions

*A unit who has received a shock token

1. Must defend and attempt to disengage from CQC

2. Has -1 to all rolls and must fire at the closest visible enemy

3. Cannot move towards enemies

*A unit can remove a shock token by

1. Forfeiting their activation when in cover/not in CQC

2. Moving away from all enemies at full speed

3. Having an ally forfeit their action to “rally” them

Basically I want it so "shock" is a catch-all for fearful or disorientated troops who will not act under the gamer's control, and make certain predictable automatic reactions. I'm not sure if this will work in practice.

Well, the easy bit (core mechanics) is done. I'll need to stat up some model and weapon profiles and play a game to see if the core mechanics work, then I can try to do the harder part - Stage B - aka demon rules, hacking/cyberwar - which is really what makes the game unique. Right now "The Forgotten" could be used for any generic game system with few tweaks - it's basically a slightly improved 40K.


  1. 15mm rulesets... Always a good thing!

  2. These look great so far - keep up the good work.

    1. This was the easy bit - I'll test they work, but the trick will be layering on a tech AND magic system without bogging things down.