Sunday, 9 January 2022

LOTR: SBG - More Speedpainted Elves & Goblins

I'm both feeling sick, and also flooded in (it's Queensland, cyclones are inevitable - I'm talking a 10m+ river rise). So I'm quite productive paint-wise, as I am too crook to do outside tasks (like mow my ankle-length grass), but just OK enough to listlessly paint some rank and file to a mediocore-yet-table-ready standard.

First, 24 Moria goblins gives me a total of 48 Moria cannon fodder. Once I finish my Balrog I'm pretty much done, as I've already done prowlers, captains and cave trolls last Christmas.

 Next, the final 12 wood elf rangers meaning I've done the whole box. Some were repaints from my earliest ever painting efforts from ~15? years ago. Heck, this blog dates back to 2011.  I still have half a dozen elven heroes to paint but I'll save those for when I'm more alert/coherent.

Finally, the final 12 Galadhrim. I tend to paint in multiples of 12 - basically it means paint has dried sufficiently by the time I return to the first model in the queue, and with my casual speedpaint style (base+wash+highlights) I can finish 12 all in an hour or so. It's a manageable 'chunk.' 

So these 48 miniatures means my 2022 total painted now stands at 116 after only 10 days.  It's probably not a lot to the masochists suckers dedicated souls who paint regiments of Napoleonics, but for someone like me who only plays skirmish games with under 20 per side, it's a fair chunk.

My LOTR lead mountain of 500+ minis has has a significant bite taken out of it.

99% DONE: My elves, uruks, dwarves and goblins are pretty much completed save the odd hero or monster.

WORKING ON: Mordor and Gondor are halfway- I have 40 or so painted of each but another 40 each to go. They are functional, painted armies though.

HAVEN'T TOUCHED: I have a metric shitton of Rohirrim (20+ cavalry, 60+ foot) and a bunch of Easterlings (~80 various). I did watch Two Towers last night for inspiration so there may be some movement on the Rohan box. If only the LOTR wasn't shot with that bloody blue-green tint so I could actually see the colours....

As I'm feeling sick and un-alert, I'm not doing any playtesting, game design analysis etc lately. However I DID buy the new Middle Earth: SBG core rules for $70AUD (a steal as they are usually $98AD) which arrived before the floodwaters.

It's weird that GW does not take the cake for most stupidly overpriced thing I bought all holidays - that'd be a $35AUD Killwager PDF. An incomplete PDF at that. Early access comes to tabletop wargaming - yay. That's teach me to break my 'no PDF is worth more that $10' rule.

Anyway, I doubt any blog readers have never encountered LOTR:SBG - even as GW's redheaded stepchild it's bigger than 99% of other indie company releases - but I could do a review if anyone is interested. If only for the novelty of hearing me praising GW - I believe it's the best rules GW has ever produced.


  1. Holy crap - 10m rise is insane. Stay dry!

    1. Peaked at 10.5 and now dropping. We've two higher since I've been living here. Something something 'global warming' although its nowhere near the 100 year old records.

      The bull shark spotted in the local park was cool. Google "Maryborough flood" if you want some interesting shots.

  2. Replies
    1. Is it as game you haven't played, or just curious about the 2018 rules?

    2. Have not played. I only have the original Fellowship of the Rings book. Never went beyond that.

    3. Well, review is up. It's better initiative and gameplay. If you have the original Fellowship rules you have the core of it, although Two Towers added a lot in terms of sieges.

      Might be worth having a go, as you are into melee/ancients etc and I always like it as a 'reference' set of rules.

      It's scalability, heroic actions and melee choices make it pretty interesting and the activation wasn't awful. I always thought it could have been the start of reforming 40K.

  3. I saw the pictures on Google, please, stay safe and healthy!
    I really like your reviews, so one about a potentially underestimated GW game would be great!

    1. Your wish is my command. The floodwaters are receding though, so it's back to work!