Monday 16 July 2012

Quick Cheap Terrain - 28mm Infinity Part 4 - End of a Weekend

My challenge at the start of the weekend was to create a table-load of terrain.


$100 budget
Unified terrain (i.e. not the usual mismatched bits thrown together to desparately block LoS)

12 hours of weekend

Day 2, Part 2
I spent 30 minutes yesterday night spraying my last two buildings (warehouses) but I had run out of terrain before starting my not-mosque and pumping station/factory. At the end of the weekend I had spent 11 hours and $96, coming in under my time/ and budgetary requirements. 

I had not added doors and windows of balsa as intended (due to a time blowout building the "fortress") but the weekend was over so I thought I'd take stock of what had been accomplished.

Time Elapsed: 30 minutes
 The terrain filled up the board as intended
The two warehouses at the bottom are the newest additions

Every building can be entered. Most have 2 levels

I like the cramped chaotic feel of the table.  Some detailing will really bring it to life.

The 50x30cm Donya Fortress (here with both stories visible) was a huge time sink and used up almost 2 sheets of foamboard.   It will be fun to battle through but with hindsight I would avoid it in favour of three or four 20 x 20cm buildings.

Some lessons I learned:
*Put doors in the corners of rooms to maximise internal space for rooms/minimise firing arcs; never centre internal doors but offset them to avoid easy firing corridors
 *I made too many identical buildings: by simply flipping the front wall (with the door + window) and exchanging the blank wall end with the opposite door end I could have had three times the variety with the same work.
*Bigger buildings use disproportionate time and resources; keep the largest to 20x20cm (8 x 8")
* Pins give a lot of strength and make assembly easy; PVA works as a foam sealant and a secondary connector

There is still lots to be done - about 2-3 hours detailing should "tart it up" a bit....

To do:
Ladders: made of either cut up peg baskets or push heavy duty staples into the walls. 
Windows & Doors: I have lots of balsa. I might consider some flyscreen for securi-mesh
Tin roofing/roller doors: I'll use the corrugated card and my aluminium spraypaint
Low walls:  Create courtyards/gardens for suburban houses for extra cover
High walls: Line of sight blocking terrain with doorways
Trees: a visit to ebay for some Chinese HO-scale palms
Steps: the wife can make some from her Hirst Arts stone moulds
Roof: for warehouses and Donya Fortress (I ran out of foamboard)
Planter boxes: Concrete boxes for rows of palms - adds to cover
 Drums/Pipes: I may get more - I also need to wash/de-shiny the ones I have and add rust streaks etc

The terrain building will continue through the week if I can source the foamcore - otherwise it is a trip to the cost next Saturday to stock up.

Anyway - a complete 4x4 Infinity board stacked with terrain; for under $100 and in under 12 hours.  Hope this has helped someone!


  1. Looks great, will def. be trying some of these out myself with my local Infinity group! The palaces look like the might be a bit cumbersome though if there were figures on multiple floors fighting.

  2. Yeah - as I said, the big building was a time sink and used up heaps of foamboard.

    A few bigger buildings (the 20x20s and the warehouses) add nice variety. Avoiding the biggest building would have saved me 4hrs of the 11hrs spent.

    If you stuck with smaller buildings a few friends could duplicate the board in about 3 hours tops.

  3. This is ace. A cracking concept and a really interesting project that I'm shamelessly ripping off !

    That's a great looking table you've put together and a real inspiration. Thanks.

  4. Thanks!
    It's a quite crudely cut out and painted, but it's fast - shows you CAN get terrain out there that isn't a bunch of random AT43 crates, 40k gothic corner ruins and a few chunks of styfoam that make up 90% of the tables I get to game on.

    Next up, I'm doing a space station interior in a weekend....

  5. I would really like to see some closeup images of these buildings with the figures next to them. Looking at starting a project and I'm curious how the figures scale next to those doors, windows, and tops of the walls. I'm trying to decide if I should follow your scale or increase it a bit to 7cm walls.

    1. I don't have my camera handy (wife has annexed it for baby-photo purposes) but maybe this AAR will help (some photos)