Saturday 14 July 2012

Fast Cheap Terrain 28mm Infinity - Part II

While I was out shopping with the wife I used up most of my remaining budget (PVC pipe for fuel pipeline/craft containers for tanks and drums) but I know have invaluable scatter terrain; fuel drums, storage tanks and piping.  The sort of stuff that is vital to survival in Infinity.

PVC T-Junction $1.50 x 3
PVC L-Bend $1.50 x 2
PVC Straight Pipe $5
Aluminium spraypaint $2
2 x sets 12 craft containers $6
1 x multi-set craft containers $3
1 x large craft containers $3
Subtotal = $24.50
(Running total $96.50)

 The L-shaped buildings were more elaborate as I gained confidence working with foamboard.
The fuel pipeline and tanks are VERY shiny but will receive a black wash and some rust streaks.
The piping was $1.50 a section vs $6 per section for resin

 Buildings - Stage II
I hosed down my new "drums" and "pipes" with aluminium spray paint. With a good dark wash and then maybe some "rust" streaks they should look pretty reasonable.

I then created two more 10x20cm buildings with roller doors (bringing my base total to 8); and two L-shaped buildings (20x20cm). I am making the interiors more elaborate as I get faster and more confident at cutting.

I am only pinning the walls in place; they get some PVA glue in the sealing process but I don't want walls to be impossible to pull apart.  This approach was justified when I found a few pinned buildings from a previous project which I pulled apart, and reused some wall portions.

I also made some 10x10cm mini-buildings which I will use as a second-story atop my 'base' buildings to add variety.

Again I used the same PVA-glue seal + spraypaint technique to quickly coat up the buildings.

 The two large buildings were adapted from an old project as they fortuitously happened to have a 20x20cm base. They can stack to make a single double-storey building.

Total Elapsed time: 6hrs

The buildings are far from the epitome of a modeller's art, but they can be assembled and painted and are achievable in large numbers. A bit of detailing (adding in doors, windows, random electronic boxes and roofing sheeting) should tidy them up to look OK.

Tomorrow's Goals:
"Donya Fortress"  - build a large building with a central courtyard inspired by a BF3 map
1-3 large buildings - warehouse, factory, meetinghouse/mosque (as foamcore supply permits)
Scatter terrain - drums, trees, gardens, pond; make fences with foamcore scraps
Detailing - doors, windows, roller doors, tin roofs

  The ability to stack buildings means you can arrange the buildings in a myriad of ways.  They can be crammed together so close you can leap from rooftop to rooftop....

Link to Part 3

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