Saturday 6 December 2014

Shasvaasti Army - Infinity the Game

I've had these for a year or two and I decided I'd better paint them before getting some Morats (which I quite like since they have been resculpted).

I admit the brown paint scheme is a tad  dull, but I chose it to look insectlike without copying the green-and-black studio paintscheme which I've seldom seen pulled off except by more talented painters. 
Now I think about it, the metallic armour and brown skins makes them look a bit like LOTR orcs. In hindsight I perhaps should have used a light brown armour to make it look more like a carapace.  

I've never been in a rush to use the Shasvassti due to their extra special rules - something which has increasingly bogged down Infinity.  I do like their Mass Effect/Halo vibe - a nice change from Alien-ripoff Tyrannids.

The Wargames Factory zombie packs are a very prolific, cheap source of body parts - which is handy if your faction includes vampiric hunters like Asawung.

The Shasvassti are known as a sneaky/dirty tricks faction.  However the Gwailos give you the ability to smack people around in a straight-up fight. 

The Speculo Killer (on right) needs a bit more detail and highlighting, but she's "good to go" for gaming purposes. She is almost a "must have" for any Shasvassti army due to her ability to completely mess with your opponents' tactics (and his head). A steal at 39 points.

I tend to make Infinity armies around sculpts I like, rather than min-maxing "for the win."  I'll add some Noctifiers and a Corax spec ops with my next order, and I already have a Skiarvros waiting in the wings.

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