Wednesday 7 January 2015

Terminator Genisys Miniatures Skirmish Game - Bolt Action Spin Off?

Well, well. Warlord ARE making waves.  They seem to have snagged the Terminator franchise for a miniatures game.

Produced by River Horse and written by Bolt Action author Alessio Cavatore, it will be a 28mm skirmish game pitting the Human Resistance led by John Connor against the Machines of Skynet.

The boxed set – War Against the Machines – is due for release in the Summer to coincide with the new movie…

Normally I don't do these lazy sort of "retweet" style posts on my blog, but I can't resist adding a few comments:

I'd like to bet, since this is an Alessio Cavatore rulebook, the game is EXACTLY the same as Bolt Action, only with some "special rules" for Terminators. 
(Oh well, at least it will allow for some interesting crossover games - T-800s vs Tiger tanks anyone?)

My second prediction - Games Workshop attempts to sue due to them infringing on their intellectual IP, for the use of the word "Terminator" and the minis' remarkable similarity to their Necron line.
 (My jesting irony may be lost, given GW's previous track record - remember the space marine (tm) incident?)

Thirdly, I bet they create extra "factions" in order to sell minis for them *sigh.*  These extra factions or non-canon units will invariably be OP and the most-used miniatures in the game.

And in case you missed the hype, here is Arnie, back in all his CGI glory.

Besides the inevitable "please don't suck" prayer, this movie inspires two questions:

(a) what is a "decent" time before you reboot a series?
(Amazing Spider Man was "too soon" after the first trilogy, it was made "on the rebound")

(b) what do you call the reboot of a reboot?


  1. A reboot of a reboot should be properly termed "go to prison for crimes against decency" ;)

  2. The trailer for the new movie looks far better than it has any right to be, so fingers crossed the film doesn't suck. As for the rules sucking, well that's what house rules are for. Am I right or am I right? ;-)