Monday 4 October 2021

15mm Sci Fi Dog Warriors/Vargyr

I think these are old CMG Protolene Khanate. Anywhoo, found them in a box covered in 8 years of dust, so time to apply some paint!

Bored with my '├žonventional camo' rebels I decided I wanted something brighter - so each role (recon, heavy weapons, etc) got a different colour armour suit with purple and yellowt the unifying theme.  (No reason, I just saw they were unused bottles when I did my annual '├žheck and throw out dodgy paints' session)

The mechs merely got a boring grey but I tend to use my mechs for 15mm and 6mm sci fi so I don't go nuts with identifying marks as they swap sides/armies quite regularly. Practicality > Style.

Space wolves get a space wolves paint scheme, amirite?

The yellow power armour at the back could probably have more detail added, but I tend to paint to the level that meets my allotted timeframe.

The joy of 15mm is this decent-size force took under two hours, allowing me time to squeeze in and paint a second force (photos pending).


  1. Very cool. Like the mechs in particular!
    I am feeling the pull back to 15mm SF of late also.

  2. I don't recognize the mecha. Who makes them?

    Nice army for so little time painting too.

    1. The mechs go with the Protolene Khanate. They used to be Critical Mass Games but I think their lines got sold to Ral Partha? Quick google:

      Yup. There used to be some huuuge doggie mechs (a infantry didn't come to their knees) but I don't see them

    2. Thanks for the link. Pity.


      They're called Marrock and Fenrir walkers. This TMP link shows them to scale. Here's a better one that shows the awesomeness of massed 15mm.

      Alone, 15mm minis are a bit meh. Combined with mecha and vehicles, they look epic.