Sunday 17 October 2021

15mm Shivan Witches (Blue Moon)

 Apart from basing a few more armies (yes, I discovered another half-painted army from Micropanzer) I figure my 15mm phase has run its course.  This is my last "army in an hour" before I switch to more labour-intensive 28mm.

I also found some GZG drones which I'll add to my 'not Terminator' army from Rebel Minis. 


I don't actually have any Dark Eldar so this 40K barge will belong to the Sisterhood. It's more impressive in 15mm anyway.

 Ugh even in daylight my photography is a 2/10 - obviously photography is not a hobby or area of interest at all

Mantic & Deadzone  Anyway, I've finished assembling my Mantic Enforcers. I've also read through Deadzone 2E (even though I intend to make/play my own rules) and have been favourably impressed. It's certainly a quicker, cleaner, more logical game than Kill Team. Rather like Dreadball compared to the bloated, clunky Blood Bowl - I used to love Blood Bowl but man it's a gluggy mess - even nostalgia goggles and the - (for GW) - reasonable pricing can't get me back into it.  Sadly I don't have a square mat to playtest the Deadzone rules, as they seem quite interesting.


  1. What's the total number of 15's and vehicles you have now?

    1. Probably 15 platoons, each of 30+ infantry, support weapons, 3 transport (APC, etc) and 3 combat vehicles (mechs, jetbikes, tanks)

      They're astonishingly easy to paint; a base, a wash, a drybrush, some highlights - I can do a platoon, with vehicles, noticeably faster than 10 x 28mm.

      They're also still affordable-ish; I used to budget on a complete platoon being $50-75 tops. Given my predilection for using $1 Hot Wheels lately, it's probably cheaper now despite cost hikes since 2015.