Thursday 14 October 2021

15mm Sci Fi Salamanders & $1Tanks

As my 15mm collection slowly becomes fully painted, I'm increasingly painting the weirder and smaller factions. These are Khurasan Meso-Nai, xenophobic salamanders in power armour. 

 My daughter had already posed them on blocks; she approves of their eel-like faces; as she likes to chase eels in the clear freshwater creeks near where we live.

The bigger 15mms are actually quite good; these lizards are actually ~20mm. There's quite a bit of variation in 15mm, as much as 25-32mm '28s.'   I feel these and the bigger Blue Moons look quite OK, whereas the puny Rebel synths are simply too small, regardless of sculpt quality.  

The tanks are $1 no-name brand from K-Mart: actually intended to support 6mm mechs as Baneblade-esque megatanks, they still show well how 15mm and 6mm vehicles can do double duty in a range of scales; here acting as small scout tanks in 15mm.

I'm slowly finishing painting; some Shivan witches and Sahadeen desert tribesman are my last main 15mm factions to go. I do like these GZG gun drones as they do squad support duty for a range of armies.

15mm continue to be fun and rewarding to paint; I still think they are the optimal size for platoon+ battles or anything where vehicles are the stars, but you still want infantry to be individually based and look decent. These guys would have taken an hour and a bit from start to finish. 

I'm slowly switching to 28mm Mantic for my homebrew sci fi horror rules; they should paint up soon. My initial assembly observations of my Enforcers box is they are a bit weedy and lacking quality compared to my GW Tau & IG, but in Australia they are 20+ for $35 instead of GW's 10 for $70; so at  $1.60ea compared to $7ea (a quarter of the price) I am inclined to be pretty forgiving.


  1. Those are nice $1 tanks. And it's great to see a place like K-Mart invest in support for 6mm mecha games!

    1. My 6 year old always says enviously "Dad where did you get these? and I reply "the same place you bought your Hot Wheels"!

      I'm undercoating a few dune buggies so he can paint them (it's a cheap way for him to learn to paint)

  2. Nice work! I agree that allot of stuff can do do double duty as both 15 and 6mm, I have a bunch of the old MEGAFORCE toys doing that.

    1. Most of my 15 and 6mm mechs and vehicles have bland paint schemes for that reason - they have a dual role in two different armies!