Thursday 29 September 2011

28mm Oriental Terrain

I'd like to give my Perry Samurai a paint and an outing, and I have my eye on the skirmish game Bushido.

So I reviewed my options:

John Jenkins designs has some nice buildings. But at $34 for a simple village hut it would want to be.  Also, I want them for skirmish games - for that price they'd need to have a lift off roof.
An excerpt from their catalogue. That's over $100 worth of buildings in the shot.

Hovels is nicely affordable - at around $15 a building they are under half that of the previous contender. 

A much more affordable option

Finally, Oshiro model terrain.  This sits halfway between the two previous on the price scale and seems the most detailed. The sculptor seems very meticulous, has lots of interesting terain pieces, and at around $22-25 a hut it is seems decent value.

The best blend of price and quality?

Last option - and sadly, probably the best -  scratchbuilding!  lillijonas on "Tom's Boring Mordhiem Forum" has done some inspirational stuff with towels-as-thatch roofs and my wife has proven a useful assistant in the scratchbuild department.  Being able to enter buildings is essential for a skirmish game.

I've attached linked photos from the thread:

his village so far

and a picture of a WIP

Truly inspirational.  I wish this guy had his own blog - he rivals the stuff from Matakishi's teahouse. 

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