Friday 16 September 2011

GZG New Israeli

This was my attempt at a heavily mechanised PLA-meets-Halo army. 

It is instructive on what NOT to do:

(a) dark colour scheme with subtle drybrush was a mistake. Drybrush should be radically lighter. Subtle is for 28mm. 15mm needs to be bold and contrasting. In hindsight, Chris from Dropship Horizon has a green-wash-over-metal paint technique that I might have done well to copy.
(b) not enough contrast with weapons*. Another contrast colour is needed as the gold helmet visor is small
(c) too many vehicles (!)  Well, more than is needed for a Tomorrow's War game. I could have outfitted a second platoon with the excess vehicles
(d)  the PLA camo scheme on the vehicles was too effective in removing interesting sculpting details

*I also think the New Israelis mount a convincing argument for outsizing the weapons in 15mm.  Their realistic-sized assault rifles look rather puny.  Even if I painted the guns bright orange it would be hard to make them noticeable. The GZG UNSC have slightly larger weapons and it makes a big difference.

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