Thursday, 1 September 2011


Here is my Aleph. Their paintjob will need to be redone (they were all done in under an hour in order to make them table-top ready - I refuse to play with unpainted models) but I am generally happy with the scheme.  The silver-and-gunmetal feels more 'Cylon-y' then the white studio paintscheme and attempting to imitate the Corvus Belli studio paint schemes only leave me depressed.  

The lovely detail is more of a pain to paint then chunkier 'heroic' sculpts by Game Workshop and they do not lend themselves well to drybrushing raised detail.

This is the Cylon look I'd prefer :-)
I have a hacker, a pair of Asuras, a stealth Dasyu, a bunch of remotes including a drop-capable one, a sophoctect medic/engie and a sniper. 

I feel some fire support Rebots  and another hacker would round out things nicely, but that's another payday...

Next to do: my Yu Jing, once I decide on an alternate paintscheme...

NOTE:  I am very impressed with the Corvus Belli's 'how to play' videos here Infinity Video which I think shows great customer service and is a good way to get a grasp of their rules...

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