Friday, 9 September 2011

Secrets of the Third Reich - an excuse for cool toys

I must say that of all my 'toys' the ones that attract the most comment (even from non-gamers) are mecha.  Suckers like these:

They are primarily Rackham Red Blok walkers.  Left to right: AT-43 Urod, AT-43 Kolossus, M.a.K., Dust Tactics German panzerkampfer, AT-43 Dotch Yaga.

They are all prepaints.  To give you an idea of what they look like with a good paintjob check out this guy at DakkaDakka

They are startlingly cheap. The Rackhams are OOP but the largest (the 4-legged walker) cost me $15 from an online store.  The Kolossuses, similar to a GW dreadnought, cost only $5.  The Dust Tactics mecha are less sci fi (but by the same sculptor as the Rackham ones) and new ones are being released - about $25 from Maelstrom with free P&P. All the models, combined, cost me less than a single GW dreadnought.

If you know nothing about M.a.K., then I suggest you go here. A fantastic dieselpunk series in various scales - some truly awesome models.  Mine was a $5 prepaint - the proper kits are awe inspiring. Go here and check out the gallery, or google images of "Maschinen Krieger"

Here is a random sample:
 The MaK universe seems to attract talented scratchbuilders too. 

What do all these models have in common?  The weird war II game, Secrets of the Third Reich. The build-it-yourself points system so you can include random mecha is a fantastic idea, and what sold me on the game. 

In a nutshell, the game reminds me of 40k-style mechanics, with actual tactics added - such as overwatch, alternate move, etc. A very decent game system, which I am now switching to from AE: WWII. 

For more info, I recommend Anatoli's blog in my links section, which has a large SOTR section with lots of fun AARs.

Do yourself an favour - get SOTR, and have an excuse to collect and play with more cool toys!


  1. What did AE:WWII not have for you, then? Just curious.

  2. Well, besides lacking sexy mechs... it sort of just died, just like AE: Bounty did. I think some areas are overly complicated. Suppression could be a bit gimmicky and a total lack of overwatch or reactive fire is a big turn-off.

    2HW games and Infinity do it better. I really liked AE:WWII and I want Darkson to succeed... but it kinda died with a whimper not a bang, much as wierd war II fascinates people...

  3. I couldn't agree more: Weird WW2 Mecha are sexy.
    My collection looks very similar to your actually!

    1. Have you checked out the new Dust Tactics mecha? Paolo Parente designed both them and the Rackhams