Tuesday 20 September 2011

Infinity - Yu Jing

I have really be enjoying Infinity of late.  The 'reaction' idea works really well and I would like to see it used in more genres (i.e. space fighters/spaceships/other skirmish eras like Westerns etc)  It is quite a crisp, fast game, shorn of all the 'special abilities' and I think it would transfer well to other genres.  

Last game I played against Achilles (ALEPH) for the first time, and boy was he a monster!  We were playing 'use the coolest looking models' rather than official points list but he shrugged off small-arms hits like a light tank. He charged up the middle and killed a Moblot and a Kazak Veteran with ease and was only taken down by repeated hits at long range from outside his ARO arc.  Very cool, but I wonder if multi-hit models kinda mess the game balance and tactics too much.
Anyway I am trying to get my Yu Jing painted and ready for action.  These were my favourite faction to paint and are the only ones 90% complete (the rest I abandoned in dispair over my inability to do the models justice). I dislike overly colourful "Space Smurf" style uniforms but I felt a splash of colour was needed to unify my models. 
I have not got around to painting the Zhanshis so far as they are rather boring sculpts.  I am not a fan of the orange-plated Celestials and may repaint them, restricting the orange to a shoulder plate only to make them more realistic and less garish. I also have a ninja hacker that awaits a good paint scheme. 

My Yu Jing need more units - a pair of Tiger soldiers (rifle, HMG) would give more options with one cheap blister.  A doctor, a cheaper hacker option, and some tankbusting ability would also be useful.  However, for sexy factor, these transforming remotes take the cake:
It's like a TAG and Yaoking remotes had a baby...


  1. Hehe! Yeah, Achilles... the miniature TAG! He (and TAG's in general) are tough, but certainly not invincible, you just need to know how to handle them. For Yu Jing a Hac Tao with a missile launcher or an Oniwaban can be pretty effective. Or simply a HMG or a MULTI sniper rifle loaded with AP ammo.

    I really can't recommend the Tigers enough! The HMG alone has won me several games. My go-to hacker is the Celestial Guard as he has a solid WIP of 14 and a decent BTS of -3, and he's cheap. Good bang for your buck and all that!

    I just tried out my Su-Jian the other day. I got drunk on his speed and he ended up unsupported and was killed by a lowly Alguacile. However it's a solid choice in most armies I think and with his panzerfaust you'll have some extra anti-armour firepower as well.

  2. Thanks for the advice!

    I was eyeing off the Hac Tao m/l version for 'tankbusting' but wondering if it was worth the points...

    I was going to get a Zhanshi hacker but I'll go CG instead.

  3. Also - what are the Kaung Shi like? They're kinda suicide bomber/meatshields I presume - but are they a good way to pad out orders (at least temporarily until they pop?)

  4. I actually haven't tried the Hac Tao in a game yet (waiting for my next Nomads matchup) but I think she would be great at anti-tank duty. Your opponent will probably be very wary of even moving nearby him since the m/l is just as dangerous in ARO as it is in the active turn.

    If you don't have the points I would probably go with an Oniwaban (not as reliable) or a Su-Jian (fast but not as resiliant as the Hac Tao). You might also consider running a list with two hackers, depending on the TAG you're up against.

    The CG is a really solid hacker choice. I usually go with that or sometimes a Shang Ji as it has a BTS of -6.

    The Kuang-Shi? Bwahahahaha!!!

    Ahem... evil laugh aside they have probably done more damage to my opponents than all my other miniatures aside (perhaps the HMG Tiger excepted). They are a cheap source of orders in the beginning of the game and if you plan your moves ahead of time you should be able to take a lot of enemies with you.

    I've used them for missions like detonating Crazy Koalas as well as doing suicide runs against well entrenched enemies. Highly recommended!