Thursday, 8 September 2011

15mm Khurasan Felids

Khurasan produces many quirky, interesting sculpts and I feel is the most 'innovative' of the 15mm brigade.

One of the big successes has been the Felids - my first 15mm army.

As usual, my minis are scandalously under-based. I'm holding off decorating 15mm bases until (or if) I decide on a FoW-style multi-base scheme. 

My Felids are a mercenary force, equipped with battered metallic armour that is passed down from father to son.  They use cheap wheeled APCs for transport. Automatic grenade launchers and heavy energy beams provide fire-support to their "Claw" fireteams.  I do need to acquire some of the new helmeted Felids to add a bit more variety.

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