Friday 16 September 2011

Micropanzer SAS

Again my drab 28mm schemes did not translate as well to 15mm.  The larger guns (compared to GZG 15mm) and the red berets salvaged the army to a degree. I really like the pulpy character of the Micropanzer stuff but I would comment on a lack of variety in the poses.

The aim of this army was to do a British Red Berets/Russian paratrooper crossover.

The small GZG APCs were to fulfil a fire-support like the Russian BMD, transporting a 4-man fire team. My use of camoflage and washes on 15mm vehicles was a bit of a failure. I need to come back and highlight/drybrush them with sharper contrasts. 

The small GZG hover scout vehicles are REALLY small and the bulky Micropanzer troops highlighted this.  I love GZG stuff, but their scout vehicles in general look hard pressed to accomodate 1 trooper, let alone a 2-3 man crew.  They tend to look a bit out-of-scale on the tabletop.

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