Friday 16 September 2011

Cold Navy by Ravenstar: (Well) Hidden Gems

This is a really excellent line I have only found lately. I had heard good word-of-mouth, but ages (years?) ago I visited the old official website which has plenty of fluff but I couldn't find any photos.  I kinda forgot them and got some GZG ships instead.  

Ravenstar (famous for his excellent not-BSG ships) has the licence but the website also revealed no Cold Navy minis.   Ironically, his blog is where I found the first photos, and some price lists.  
As you can see, this Mauridian ship (I'm not sure what it is as it is confusingly labelled) has a really interesting design aesthetic. 

Even googling "Cold Navy" got only a few hits.  Cool Mini Or Not had some Mauridians:

Napalm Backflip had a nice Terran fleet

There was some Diesho on photobucket:

They are beautiful minis, and prices seem to range around $12 for a battleship, $8-10 for a cruiser, $10 for 2 destroyers and $12 for 3 frigates.

I feel they are nicer in design than Firestorm Armada and more practical in size for the tabletop.  A fleet equivalent to a $55 FA starter box: 1 battleship, 3 cruisers, 6 frigates - would set you back around $66, which seems fair value for money, given the quality, but put them a little out of the 'impulse buy' range.

Note: I emailed Ravenstar  ravenstarstudios@(Chris)charter(Lynch).net  and recieved a very prompt reply with photos and prices (more a collection of links than a catalogue per se), but this is definitely a line that would benefit from a more comprehensive online presence/ordering system.

Visit the links, and check them out - they are possibly the best spaceship minis you've never heard of....

EDIT: Chris from Ravenstar is running a 25% off sale this weekend (16th to 19th) - now is the perfect time to grab some.  Which I did.  Lucky my wife rarely checks this blog...  

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