Sunday 11 September 2011

Renegade Legion: Interceptor

The Renegade Legion's most popular game was "Centurion". I am more interested in the spacefighter game from the same universe, "Interceptor" which is now abandonware and a free pdf download.

The models are still available from CinC - quite nice, if a tad pricey at $6 per model.

I doubt a player could control more than 1 or 2 fighters anyway given the complexity of the game.  Have a look at the damage sheet - it looks like the wiring diagram of a space shuttle!

But the game has a few interesting features: 
-alternating unit activation
-power allocation - energy is shared between weapons-shields-thrust
-pseudo-vector movement (pilot skill impacts maneuvers that can be attempted incl. engine overload)
-chance of hitting with weapons takes into account firing pilot, target pilot, and deflection

 I'm considering re-working these rules to use with cheap EM-4 fighters. I'd like to use 6+ fighter per side so radical simplification would be needed (always trickier than adding on rules!)

Tracking velocity could be done with a d20 beside the fighter base
Energy allocation would have to be altered to avoid so much math (and preferably recording it). Perhaps an overload/overheat system like in the the FASA Battleforce rules. <--free quickstart rules here
Damage system would be revised (and replaced with a threshold system like Firestorm Armada/DP9) and perhaps divided by 10, so a 12-damage laser would do 1pt.  Armour could likewise be divided and rounded by 10 to make things easier. So a ship would have a armour level that would have to be exceeded to do internal damage.  Ships would have an internal damage level that could make ships crippled or killed...

...or I might be better off starting a new game from scratch simply incorporating the design ideas...

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